Frank Ocean Busted For Drugs, Not Sex

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Gossip site Mediatakeout reported overnight that R&B phenom Frank Ocean and a male companion had been detained by police in Mammoth Lake, California for "suspicious behaviour".

This naturally led homophobic blogs to speculate the "suspicious behaviour" consisted of a sexual act.

As it turns out, the real story is much less salacious — Ocean, who had been speeding, was detained as a result of a routine traffic stop when a Deputy detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside his car.

"Christopher Breaux, aka Frank Ocean, age 25, of Beverly Hills, CA, had a small bag of marijuana on his person," an updated statement from police read. "Mr Breaux was cited for possession of marijuana and released."

Ocean received a Notice to Appear for driving with a suspended license, speeding and for the tinted front windows.

(Via CBS Local)

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