Former Alpine Singer Sappho Returns With The Dreamy Lush Single 'Collide'

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Sappho is the future pop project of Phoebe Baker (Alpine). Sappho is the future pop project of Phoebe Baker (Alpine).

A blend of future pop and the iconic sounds of late '80s, early '90s pop Sappho is the solo project of Phoebe Baker (the singer of now defunct Alpine).

After releasing her debut single 'Flex' last year, Sappho returns with 'Collide' – a lush track featuring swirling electronic production, dreamy and tranquil psych-pop instrumentation plus Baker's hushed, delicate vocals.

"'Collide' is a song that celebrates fantasy, and all the things you can do with your imagination," Pheobe says.

"Somewhere where you find Fabio. . . or your version of Fabio. 'Collide' is a song where you can let go, accept the crazy, lovely places that your brain can sometimes take you too.

"'Collide' is about imaginary lovin'."

With a support gig next month opening for Mia Wray (Melbourne show), Sappho will headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney in May.

Sappho 2022 Tour Dates

Fri 6 May - The Curtin (Melbourne)
Thu 12 May - The Vanguard (Sydney)



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