Songs About Prostitutes

The Good Ship
Our eclectic team of writers from around Australia – and a couple beyond – with decades of combined experience and interest in all fields.

Salty, scruffy, and a little salacious, Brisbane ruffians The Good Ship draw favourable comparisons with the likes of Nick Cave, The Decemberists and The Pogues. Their carousing and chaotic lineup features mandola, banjo, lagerphone, guitar, trumpet, accordion, drums, and an encyclopedic knowledge of songs about prostitutes.

Don't believe us? Here's their list.

1. The Police — ‘Roxanne’.
What a great line: ‘You don’t have to put on the red light.’ But she does, doesn’t she? How else will we know?!

2. Guns N Roses — ‘Rocket Queen’.
One of my all time favourite songs. Killer riffs, an amazing coda, and the actual recorded sound of Axl Rose making his stripper girlfriend come in the studio. Or at least pretend.

3. Queen — ‘Killer Queen’.
I love the phaser, the Brian May solo, the sci-fi vibe. It’s total camp fun.

4. Blondie — ‘Call Me’.
It’s oh so high class. Wine, nice sheets, pretty French words. All that stuff is just a cover for the sweaty stranger sex.

5. Iron Maiden — ‘Charlotte The Harlot’.
This one makes the list because of the title. Such a pretty name, such a fortuitous rhyme. In the song ‘The Good Ship Venus’, Charlotte ends up with her lily white thighs turned scarlet, another delightful rhyme.


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