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Jing Kohn is a DJ with a deep and abiding love for Madonnabes: ladies who wanna be Madonna. He's picked his five favourites for us.

1. Cyndi Lauper

An ‘80s peer, Cyndi had the outrageous fashion on lock. A New Yorker, devout Catholic. Obvious pick. Probably just a little TOO unusual to go the distance.

2. Paula Abdul

Began as a Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader. All about the dance moves but made a misstep with MC Skat Kat. She managed to flip it into a TV career judging people. Points for longevity.

3. Spice Girls

The greatest selling female group in history. Girl power in numbers. Friendship lasts forever but contractual obligations may vary. They get extra points for starring in a film even worse than ‘Shanghai Surprise’ (Mads and the Spice Girls both won Golden Razzies for worst actress).

4. Nicki Minaj

New school. Outlandish. Characterised by crazy characters and constant reinvention of self. Several times per song in most cases. Props for the verse on ‘Monster’.

5. Lady Gaga

Italian American. Roman Catholic. New Yorker. Outrageous costumes, extensive dance routines, raunchy videos. A controversial role model, constantly reinventing herself. But also a member of the Illuminati. Google it.

Jing Kohn is a resident DJ at the Mustang Bar.

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