Spenda C's Five Genre Mashups

Spenda C
Our eclectic team of writers from around Australia – and a couple beyond – with decades of combined experience and interest in all fields.

A producer who juggles a number of aliases successfully, Steve Lind is the guy behind monikers like Spenda C, The Mane Thing and The Hump Day Project.

He's also a keen musical anthropologist, which led to him compiling this list of his favourite emerging genres.

1. Trapstyle (trap/ hardstyle)

Biggest pushers of this sound would have to be Flosstradamus. Take all those Trap 808 drums that are so hot right now and mix them with those iconic hardstyle synth breakdowns and you get a sound that's pretty huge and energetic! Love this shit.

2. Drumstep (drum & bass/ dubstep)

I used to play whole sets of this stuff. Basically speed dubstep up to drum & bass tempo and there, you got it. Shit’s got loads of energy and can be both brutal and funky at the same time. Win!

3. Urban Dance (R&B/ dance)

Grab any auto-tuned, talentless rapper and whack a pseudo, Euro-trance dance beat under it and you got that shit they pump out all day on crap radio stations that play mostly ads, but you're glad when they do coz that means they're not playing shit music like this.

4. Ghetto Swing (Ghettofunk/ swing)

Big band brass riffs and swinging hi hats over crunchy breakbeats. This shit gets the party started every time! Not to be confused with electro swing... that shit sucks.

5. Samoaton (Samoan/ moombahton)

Ok, so this doesn't really exist... yet. The Mane Thing (another project of mine) are doing a Moombahton tune with MC Kitch and he drops some rhymes in Samoan and it's fire! The world’s first Samoaton record will be out next year.

Spenda C will perform at Blah Blah Blah at Cloudland Friday December 28.

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