Five Favourite Foods On Tour

Andrew Morris
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Andrew Morris is not just a Brisbane stalwart known for his work with Bernard Fanning and The Wilson Pickers and his own series of superbly crafted solo albums. He's also a dude who needs to eat sometimes. While nursing an empty stomach, he told us his five favourite foods to get stuck into on tour.

1. Pho

This all-in-one meal is at the top of my list. Delicious beef broth with silken rice noodles, garnished with bean sprouts and basil, chillies and lemon. A true restorative soup from Vietnam.
Cheap as chips too. Will fix any hangover or if you're coming down with a dose of the sniffles.  My mate Ben Salter calls it 'grass soup', but what does he know? Ha.

2. Bahn mi - aka pork salad roll

Another tour staple for me from Vietnam. The French influence on the Vietnamese cuisine is obvious here, with a crunchy fresh baguette filled with various styles of pork, pate, coriander, cucumber, butter, fish sauce and chilli. At least that’s what I can make out. Good ones in Brisbane are at West End and Darra.

3. Sausage roll

For many years I've been on the hunt for the world’s best sausage roll. I think what to look for is a good flaky pastry top, a moist texture and not too much extra stuff like breadcrumbs and onion. Best so for is at the German bakery at Indooroopilly.

4. Sushi

It's been interesting to watch how sushi in Oz has gone from this exotic high class affair to now being pretty much a staple fast food with the numerous chains and sushi shops filling the shopping centre food courts and airport eateries. I think the quality has gone down a bit with the rising quantity, with sweetened white rice and not so freshly made rolls.

5. Meat pie

I still love a good plain mince meat pie fresh from the bakery for breakfast some mornings, much to my Melbourne mates disgust as they think this is abhorrent to be eating a meat pie so early in the morning. Melburnites also call potato scallops 'potato cakes' so that shows their ignorance anyway. My fave is at Kim Thanh in West End; super cheap and tasty, especially at 3am after a night on the tiles and they’re fresh right out of the oven before the shop has even opened.

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