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Blessed with the mutant ability to turn even the best dressed crowd into a writhing, sweaty mess, Yacht Club DJs have become synonymous with excessive nudity, stage invasions and boundless energy.

Oh, and daytime television, as evidenced by this examination of their favourite daytime TV shows.

1. Airwolf

This TV show is easily my favourite — it features a nuclear stealth helicopter that sounds like a panther, a renegade military pilot that had his personality and acting ability removed at birth, and for no reason at all Ernest Borgnine (McHale’s Army, voice of Mermaid Man — passed away in June) as a sidekick. I never understood one thing that happened and the terrible sped up footage of the shittiest helicopter ever was mindbendingly bad.

2. MacGyver

This would be most people’s ultimate bad daytime TV and I fully intend to call my next cat Richard Dean Anderson, but it just seems a bit too legit. I can't work out whether I like it because it’s good or because it’s bad. Sometimes the stories make some kind of lucid sense. My butt might have been clenched when he was trying to move the bomb without disturbing the mercury. Seriously though, if he just picked up a gun shit would be a lot easier. But then it wouldn't be MacGyver, it would just be normal army dude. Who cares, anyway?

3. Quantum Leap

This TV show is so shit. I don't even have words. It’s like listening to that ‘80s metal album and only hearing the cocaine and beaten up strippers getting rammed, but without any of that credibility and some jerk travelling through time in other people’s bodies. Don't even get me started about his sidekick; that guy should be serving apple strudel and living in a box. Terrible.

4.Magnum P.I.

I just want to be a good looking dude with a beast of a moustache, cruising around Hawaii in a Ferrari, pretending to solve crimes as a thinly veiled guise for banging hot girls. Simple.

5. Press Gang

This isn't on anymore, but that’s ok because my friend was dumb enough to buy the boxset. Its like Degrassi but really, really good and they have a paper or something. The best episode was the one where they get robbed by guys dressed as clowns. It was so unbelievable that I actually got stupider watching it.


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