Five Books That Will Inspire Without Making You Sound New Agey & Annoying Selected By T. Wilds

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T. Wilds is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Blue Mountains. T. Wilds is an indie folk singer-songwriter from Blue Mountains.

What started simply as recording a few demos she had compiled as her creative outlet returned to songwriting, Blue Mountains indie folk singer-songwriter T. Wilds (aka Tania Bowers) has today released her new album, 'Ten Songs'.

Recorded in a straightforward manner by fellow Blue Mountains creative Matt Toohey in a home studio in Katoomba, 'Ten Songs' features Tania's delicate yet powerful, and instantly captivating vocals married to the classic simplicity of her acoustic guitar.

Matt's minimal electric guitar atmospherics add the light and shade to the mix, resulting in a collection of songs that flow from sophisticated soul to stripped-back alt-country, the wistful yearning palpable.

Here, Tania shares a few book titles in her own collection that inspire without the associated new agey rhetoric to annoy people.

'Breath: The New Science Of A Lost Art' - James Nestor

Being an asthmatic singer, I always knew I could be better at breathing if only I knew where to look and which option would appeal and work for me; turns out there's a book for that.

This book is full of research and really entertaining, as is the author's interview on Dr. Chatterjee's podcast 'Feel Better, Live More'.

'The Obstacle Is The Way: The Ancient Art Of Turning Adversity To Advantage' - Ryan Holiday

Especially in these crazy times, this book helps you through the drama by helping you, well, be less dramatic. It's a guide to stoicism as a philosophy and it's also a page-turner, no joke.

'Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.' - Seneca

'Digital Minimalism' - Cal Newport

Super-insightful book offering really good tips to help us not be slaves to the screen. Feels like it could save your life actually.

'You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life' - Jen Sincero

Jen is funny and a motivator, a modern self-help book, but with swear words; it's more on the very positive 'come on you can do it' train, but it's good to read when you don't feel all that motivated.

She was also in an indie-rock band and thought she could make money from knitting ponchos at some point, so yeah that is quite close to home for me in my 20s.

'Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear' - Elizabeth Gilbert

Everyone needs to be creative, even people who don't think so. This book is passionate and encouraging, and yeah it made me cry. She also has a podcast 'Magic Lessons' that also made me cry.



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