First Watch: NZ Punk-Rockers Voodoo Bloo Release Music Video For New Single 'Ha Ha Ok Ok'

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NZ punk-rock act Voodoo Bloo's new album is titled 'JACOBUS'. NZ punk-rock act Voodoo Bloo's new album is titled 'JACOBUS'.

The rock-driven project led by Rory McDonald, New Zealand indie rock-punks Voodoo Bloo have released another taste from their forthcoming album 'JACOBUS' (released 4 December).

'Ha Ha Ok Ok' offers a punk-rock cocktail that at different stages throughout hints at Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Alkaline Trio and Jimmy Eat World.

"This is actually the oldest song on the album, but still very much felt like a story I wanted to tell," Rory says.

"This track is about those egomaniacs who you can see are struggling on the inside, but push their emotions away for the chance of popularity and climbing the social ranks."

Recording the single at PlasticGroove Studios in NZ, Voodoo Bloo and videographer Alex Hargreaves decided to bring 'Ha Ha Ok Ok' to life with visuals filmed in Auckland.

"I've never been so exhausted, excited and sweaty in my life," admits McDonald. "All the crew really put themselves through the sh.t to bring this thing to fruition.

"We had ten hours to get all the shots we needed and I honestly still felt like I was in the back of a moving truck for hours after we finished, but it's an experience I will never ever forget."



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