First Watch: Nick & June Release Music Video For 'Anything But Time'

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Nick & June's newest single is titled 'Anything But Time'. Nick & June's newest single is titled 'Anything But Time'.

After a creative pause during the pandemic, German duo Nick & June return to the spotlight with the first taste of their forthcoming EP 'Beach Baby, Baby'.

Known for their indie folk ruminations, Suzie-Lou Kraft and Nick Wolf have steered into lo-fi, '60s-flavoured dream-pop on newest single 'Anything But Time'.

Hazy, fragile, and delicate melodic tones are overlapped by a 'glittering fog of trilling synthesizers' that creates a gentle beat that meanders through reverb-heavy drum pulses and vibrating organ sounds.

Think Beach House meets Mazzy Star with strong hints of Lana Del Rey. "The song was written really fast, very stream-of-consciousness, really, really fast," Nick & June says.

"It's a brief song, with simple sounds, in fact just an old Casio keyboard and a drum machine, with lots of ideas in it.

"We don't do too much talking about the lyrics so people can interpret them in their own way. Besides, sometimes even we don't know one hundred per cent what they mean."

For the song's music video, Nick & June filmed in an old hotel in Berlin, a late 19th-century tenement house that was once home to silent movie star Asta Nielsen.

"We have watched many classics of film history and all-time favourites in the pandemic – maybe that's why the overall concept of the EP has a cinematic touch.

"With these impressions absorbed, we quickly had a firm idea of what the video should look like.

"The Hotel Funk in Berlin, as an already stunning location, was adapted even more to our wishes by Lillie Ceben, who was responsible for the set design; and Jeanette Friedrich then captured them and shortened them to two minutes thirty seconds – which was really hard with such beautiful material.

"I believe that with Maja Bons as the actress, we have found the one person who can make this video fun from head to toe."



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