First Listen: Kylie Minogue's New Single 'Magic'

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Kylie Minogue - 'Magic' Kylie Minogue - 'Magic' Image - YouTube

The next taste of pop princess Kylie Minogue's album 'Disco' is here, and it's. . . 'Magic'.

Slip on your chunky platform shoes and a pair of glittery flares, we're heading out to dance. Produced by PhD (Peter Wallevik and Daniel Davidsen), 'Magic' is uplifting and groovy, interlaced with piano and brass and topped off by a feel-good, melodic chorus.

'Magic' follows the lead single from the album, 'Say Something' which already gave us all the glittery vintage vibes we could hope for alongside a music video featuring the Princess Of Pop atop a gold horse. . . Of course.

Well, speaking of music videos, 'Magic''s visual accompaniment is just as camp, starring Kylie getting her groove on in the disco surrounded by neon pink, orange and green lights and feeling all the vibes. Yes Kylie, we do believe in magic.

'Disco' is Kylie's first album since 'Golden' in 2018 which hit #1 in Australia. She remains Australia's highest-selling female artist with five chart-topping albums and 80 million albums sold worldwide.

'Magic' is out now. Kylie's album 'Disco' is released 6 November.



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