First Listen: Elvis Costello Releases New Song 'No Flag'

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Elvis Costello releases a new single, titled 'No Flag'. Elvis Costello releases a new single, titled 'No Flag'.

Two years removed from his last studio album, 'Look Now' (his 30th album), English post-punk singer-songwriter Elvis Costello is back with a new single – the warped, trippy and utterly sublime 'No Flag'.

The 65 year old travelled alone to the Finnish capital on 16 February, where he worked for 3 days at Suomenlinnan Studio, a recording facility a 20-minute ferry ride from downtown Helsinki.

The track features some stark lyrics, including 'We want everything and we don't want to share / Outer space for the faces we fear.'

"I wanted to go somewhere nobody knew me. So, this is 'The Helsinki Sound'," Costello says, when asked about the choice of recording location.

The instrumental credits list only Elvis Costello: mouth, drum, fender jazzmaster, Hammond organ and bass."



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