Fedde Le Grand Interview: Wild And Raw

Fedde Le Grand
National Music Editor, based in Brisbane, Australia.
'Passionate about true crime docos, the Swannies, golf and sleep, I’ve been writing about music for 20-plus years. What I’ve learnt? There’s two types of music – good and bad.’

Dutch house DJ Fedde Le Grand first started shaking global dancefloors half a decade ago with 'Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit'. The Flamingo Recordings artist is headed to Australia for another round of summer dates.

Fedde Le Grand today compared to when you were starting out at Danssalon in the late ‘90s; what’s the biggest difference in your DJing and productions?
I think it’s probably the confidence to do my own thing musically that’s grown and developed over the years. I know that I have my own distinctive sound that I’ve nurtured and cultured as I’ve produced each track, and in the DJ booth I know what I want to do, how I want to take the music, where I want to take the crowd and have the confidence to believe in myself. I’d say behind the decks that I’ve also become a lot more technically proficient than I was in the early days. I don’t have to think about the mechanics, which leaves me free to really get into the mix and the music and manipulate and twist it as my instinct and the vibe dictates.

Looking back at your career so far... the success you’ve had, has it only fuelled you to continue for another decade and beyond?
Yes, for sure. I kind of do a mental re-take at the end of every year, looking at what’s worked for me and what hasn’t. I think it’s important to learn from everything you do and to push yourself even further with every success. Whether something’s worked really well or perhaps something didn’t live up to my expectations, I need to take something from each experience and build on it.

The success you achieved with ‘Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit’ — did that drastically change your lifestyle?
Like you wouldn’t believe! I was doing pretty well enough anyway, but of course nothing could prepare me for what happened when the track came out. It was a total mindblowing experience. One minute I’m DJing in my usual spots, the next I’ve got parties and promoters from all over the world wanting to book me, it just exploded. When you add into that all the radio play, the video going on TVs everywhere, all of a sudden everyone knew my name even if it was just associated with that track and my whole world had turned upside down. In a good way though.

What’s fresh outta the oven in the studio? Plans for another artist album?
Well, actually, there are! I'm working on a new album to be released in the next year. For the album I'm working on a lot of very cool tracks. And next to that there’ll follow a few very interesting collabs with, for instance, Sultan & Ned Shepard and Deniz Koyu. Another project that I'm really excited about is a remix of an amazing classic. But I don't want to give it all away just yet, so follow me!

You’ve collaborated with the likes of Will.i.am, Robbie Williams, Madonna and many others; what’s been your most memorable experience?
I think for me the most memorable experience was working with Rob Birch from the Stereo MCs. He’s always been a musical hero of mine so to get to work with him on the track ‘Wild & Raw’ was really indulgent on my part. The track had a funky groove to it that wrapped around his vocals and worked really well. It was an honour to work with him, but also a great boost for me to know that I was getting to a point where I could actually work with people that I’d been dreaming off because of the respect that I had as a producer. That was a nice feeling.

Fedde Le Grand Dates In Australia:

Mon Dec 31 — Summadayze @ Rymill Park (Adelaide)
Tue Jan 01 — Summadayze @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl (Melbourne)
Sat Jan 05 — Summafieldayze @ Doug Jennings Park (Brisbane)
Sun Jan 06 — Summadayze @ Patersons Stadium (Perth)

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