Father John Misty @ The Zoo 20.02.13

Father John Misty
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The night opened with Oh Mercy frontman Alexander Gow serenading the crowd with a captivating solo number. With just his electric guitar and powerful pipes, Gow geared the audience up for what was an impressive night of music at The Zoo.

Oh Mercy played a well-rounded set, with tunes from their recent album ‘Deep Heat’ showing just how versatile and inventive their music has become. Channelling a more summery, bass-driven style, Oh Mercy gave something for the Zoo’s packed audience to chill out to, in anticipation of the night’s headliner.

From the moment he stepped onstage with his entourage of musicians, Joshua Tillman, under the moniker of Father John Misty, had the crowd completely enthralled. The show was unpredictable, energetic, and at times a little kooky, but that’s what made it so incredible to watch. The ex-Fleet Foxes drummer not only has an enviable songwriting ability, he draws you in with his quirky stage presence.

Throughout the set he dances unashamedly ‘like an eight-year-old’, cracks sarcastic jokes, and expresses his gratitude for the audience, at one point declaring, ‘I just want to gather you up in a picnic basket, take you to the transit centre, and leave you there for a week; just to see your face when I come back and rescue you.’

Playing a selection of tunes from his recent album, Fear Fun, Father John Misty provided a varied palate of emotions, philosophical stories and a reason to dance our night away.

Written by Carly Bennett

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