Exclusive: Watch Cheap Fakes 'Just In Case' Switchkraft Remix Video

Cheap Fakes - Just In Case
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Soul rockers Cheap Fakes have surfaced with a trippy video to the remix of their latest single, 'Just In Case'. So, set aside the next three minutes and forty-five seconds...

Lifted from their newest album, 'Modern Vintage', Cheap Fakes handed creative licence of the remix of 'Just In Case' to Switchkraft aka Glitch Buchanan and the Plastic Surgeon.

The result is a trippy, pscyhed-out ride atop a unicorn with more pop culture references than a John Oliver show. “We were way out of our jurisdiction when The Cheap Fakes handed us a super happy song to remix that was 60BPM over our normal speed limit.

“A far cry from the fat squelchy switch-hop sounds that keep our neighbours awake when the sun don't shine. However, the challenge was so random we had to do it and so made it our mission to re-imagine 'Just In Case' Switchkraft style. Disassemble the track in the Smokehouse lab, add massive stomping beats, bone wobbling bass, a few distorted nights of scratching and sampling and voilà!”

“The end product reaches a level of awesome rarely heard on this solar system, but we still thought there was something missing. It soon became apparent that the 'Just In Case' film clip would also need a couple of nights in the lab to complete the masterpiece. There was no question at this point about the direction for the new clip.

“The band would be cast as mythical creatures, Chuck Norris cameo alongside E.T. and Alec Baldwin as the moon, and as it was a happy song, there would need to be rainbows. We can’t take all the credit though, we conducted a small seance to channel Ramthos for guidance. All hail Ramthos.”

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