Evangie Leans Into Deep And Meaningful Topics With Her Bluesy Indie Rock Musings

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  • Thursday, 11 November 2021 19:01
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Evangie is an indie rock singer-songwriter from Brisbane. Evangie is an indie rock singer-songwriter from Brisbane.

More than a year since her last release, indie rock up-and-comer Evangie is back and ready to lay it all on the line.

On new single, 'Deep Down', the Brisbane-based singer-songwriter, real name Jodie Sanderson, explores themes of loss and abandonment that come with unreciprocated affection.

"I find it easy to write about things that I'm going through and to write very personal lyrics," she says.

"For me, songwriting is a huge expression of my emotions and a really good way to talk about how I'm feeling. I really love honesty in lyrics; talking about deep topics."

It's this honesty and openness that, along with the ability to write a climactic rock anthem, has been the vehicle for Evangie to channel her stresses into something positive.

"I've struggled with my mental health during the whole pandemic period, so I kind of naturally took a bit of a break," she says.

"I'm still going through certain struggles, but it's important for me for people to be aware of it and hopefully it encourages other people to speak out about it, even if they don't want to specifically talk about what they're struggling with.

"I'm very open about [mental health] with friends and family. I'll always talk about it because I believe it's important to talk about things I'm going through rather than keeping them inside.

"With my music, I went a bit MIA and it's important that people know I'm still trying to work towards things, and people's support is really special to me."

Like debut single 'Japan' released last year, 'Deep Down' begins as a driving, crisp, pop gem before exploding into life with towering vocals and a hard-rocking, anthemic finish.

"I'm excited for it to be released," Evangie says. "We've had that song for a while, so it'll be good to have it out. I'm most proud of the lyrics; they're my favourite thing about the single.

"'Deep Down' is one of my favourite songs, lyrically, that I've written. I'm really happy about how the production worked out as well; it really captured the essence of the song.

"I recorded with Cody McWaters at Hunting Ground Studios. We spent a few days in the studio recording a couple of songs.

"We worked together to transform it from just the instruments that we used into something with a lot more effects and sounds to make this huge soundscape.

"I always ask my band for feedback as well, which is really important to me as I want them all to love the song too. I definitely have ideas of what I want it to sound like, but I'm so open to collaborating with my producer and band to do what's best for the song."

With significant milestones already under her belt, including reaching number one on the Triple J Unearthed indie and rock charts and being awarded Best Overall Performance in Brisbane City Council's Qube Effect, Evangie is looking forward to a bright musical future.

"We're going to be doing some shows to celebrate the release," she says.

"There's a show at The Tivoli coming up, which won through Qube Effect, and seeing where things go from there. We're just going to release the single to see how it goes, and keep on writing and perfecting my sound."

Evangie plays The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) 25 November.



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