ERRA To Release New Self-Titled Album Their First Via UNFD

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ERRA will release their new, self-titled studio album on 19 March, 2021. ERRA will release their new, self-titled studio album on 19 March, 2021.

American progressive metalcore band, ERRA will deliver their self-titled fifth studio album (their first for UNFD) this autumn.

With the record's themes confronting issues about depression, anxiety and desperation, the first taste of 'ERRA' is 'Divisionary'. "It's a song about our relationship to technology," vocalist, guitarist Jesse Cash says.

"The song is pretty on the nose and intentionally a bit tongue-in-cheek. It creates a sort of campy parallel between our phones and religion.

"In the song, technology is God and we are all zealous fanatics of the service it provides, which is distraction from our immediate realities, which is presence."

Set to drop 19 March (pre-order it), the decision to self-title this record related to the Alabama group's self-reflection and confrontation they've woven throughout the 12 songs that feature on 'ERRA'. "It's clearly an evolution of the same band," Cash says.

"It sounds like a record we wrote, but it's such a big step forward from the last one that it seemed like the perfect time to self-title a record.

"We wanted to give people who have been following ERRA the sense that we're starting a new chapter, with something fresh."

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grammy-nominated duo Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, vocalist J.T. Cavey says 'ERRA' was an exercise in creating music they personally enjoy.

"We've always tried to have a balance of classic song structures, intertwined with experimental adventures," he says.

"This album especially is music written for musicians that also appeals to the masses. There are a lot more breakdowns on this record, but also bigger melodies.

"The most important thing was to write music we enjoy."


1. Snowblood
2. Gungrave

3. Divisionary
4. House Of Glass
5. Shadow Autonomous

6. Electric Twilight

7. Scorpion Hymn

8. Lunar Halo

9. Vanish Canvas

10. Eidolon

11. Remnant

12. Memory Fiction



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