Eric Tinker's Mishmash Smash! – A Collision Of Genres And Performers

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It's musical comedian Eric Tinker's third time at Adelaide Fringe, and he's ready to mash songs and jokes together for audiences.

'Eric Tinker's Mishmash Smash!', as well as presenting new ditties and the best songs from Eric's previous shows, will feature guest spots filled by comedians, singers, and comic magicians, for a truly entertaining variety show.

“This is my third Adelaide Fringe show, the previous two were very well-received and featured me doing my trademark weird songs, jokes and banter,” Eric describes. “This show will have half an hour of more of that, plus each show will have three guests: a comedy magician/circus act, a singer/songwriter and a stand-up.”

Eric's been in Adelaide since last year's Fringe, thanks to the pandemic, but he's more than grateful to have spent the time there.

“Adelaide is one of the best places in the world to ride out a pandemic,” Eric says. “I've been getting loads of gigs on the local comedy circuit and met some amazing performers, some of who will be appearing in my little variety show.”

There are plenty of things Eric is looking forward to about bringing 'Mishmash Smash!' to audiences in the place he's spent the last year. But how would he narrow it down to one word?

“Performing! And getting laughs. Oh, that’s four words. I've been honing my improv and banter skills over the last year. And I am a mind reader – I will scan the mind of an audience member and improvise a song based on their thoughts! And there's a song about lettuce.”


He says the energy and vibe of the festival truly transforms Adelaide, and he can't wait for Australian performers to take centre stage throughout.

“I love the atmosphere the Fringe generates,” Eric says. “Adelaide comes alive, the gaiety is palpable. And I love meeting so many diverse and talented performers and seeing their shows. With fewer international and interstate acts this year, local artists will hopefully attract the bigger crowds they deserve.

So, how is Eric hoping audiences respond to 'Mishmash Smash!'? “By laughing out loud and telling their friends what a great show it is! And appreciating lettuce more.”

'Eric Tinker's Mishmash Smash!' is on at The Sky Room at The Griffins Hotel (Adelaide Fringe) 11-13 March.



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