Elizabeth Promotes A Green Future At Darebin Music Feast

  • Written by  Eden Campbell
  • Friday, 04 October 2019 13:44
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Elizabeth releases her debut album, 'The Wonderful World Of Nature', 1 November 2019. Elizabeth releases her debut album, 'The Wonderful World Of Nature', 1 November 2019.

Ethereal goddess and matriarch of the sad girls club, Australian musician Elizabeth is set to release her debut solo record 'The Wonderful World Of Nature'.

Drawing on visual cues from the overtly-femme, Elizabeth looks every inch the millennial pop star in her many flowered crowns and cascading waterfalls of tulle clinging to her frame. “I write about feelings and people, and doing destructive things. . . my aesthetic hyper-feminine fun princess who is sad,” Elizabeth says.

Later this month, Elizabeth will be performing as part of the Darebin Music Feast's Green Noise event in Melbourne. Green Noise aims to provide a platform for young, locally-based artists who are environmental activists and passionate about creating a sustainable future.

Elizabeth totally fits the bill and she, among other young artists, will be performing in solidarity in the fight against environmental degradation. “On the line-up, there's this band called The Vovos and they're still in high school, which is really cool,” Elizabeth says.

“It's really awesome to meet young people who are that motivated. It's really exciting to me that people in high school are working towards change.”

Elizabeth will be sharing her debut LP with an international audience this month when she travels to the United States for launch shows in Los Angeles and New York. This is also her first release as a solo artist, since her former band Totally Mild broke up earlier this year.

Since becoming a stand-alone performer, Elizabeth has been met with a tidal wave of support from her fans. “It's been really positive and really lovely. I felt super-lucky to be in a position to keep releasing music. People have been really warm, which has been really nice. I'm really excited for the album to come out. I'm really proud of it.”

Elizabeth has been working away at 'The Wonderful World Of Nature' for the better part of two years and underwent a flurry of sonic discovery when she was trying to distinguish what kind of music she wanted to accompany her lyrics. She teamed up with producer and audio engineer John Castle, who has previously worked with the likes of Hatchie and Cub Sport, in order to bring her creative vision to life.

“He's an amazing producer – a real 'pop' guy. We just set about to make this clean, produced but honest pop album. . . We really just wanted the immediacy of the songs to shine through.”

Elizabeth's most recent single from 'The Wonderful World Of Nature', 'Beautiful Baby' has been met with praise across the board, and has been added into a number of high-ranking playlists on Spotify. “'Beautiful Baby' is a very raw, honest, emotional song for me. It's about the end of a relationship that you really thought was going to be 'the thing'. . . the last person you'd love.

“It's about being so deeply in love with someone and then realising it's going to end. It's a romantic song in a lot of ways. People seem to be really connecting with it, it's amazing. I write for myself primarily, but it's amazing when someone else listens to your song and can find solace in sharing your feelings.”

The 23rd annual Darebin Music Feast (Melbourne) runs 20-27 October. Catch Elizabeth and the rest of the Green Noise line-up (Jade Imagine, Empat Lima and The Vovos) at Thornbury Theatre 27 October. Elizabeth's 'The Wonderful World Of Nature' album is set to be released on 1 November, 2019.


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