Eliza & The Delusionals Share Their Absolute Travel Essentials

Eliza & The Delusionals share their travel must-have items.
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Currently on tour with The Vanns that's a warm-up for their own headline tour next month, indie act Eliza & The Delusionals also have a US trip planned in May where they'll play Bottlerock Festival (headlined by Metallica and P!nk) in the Napa Valley.

The band have also shared another single ('Give You Everything') from their forthcoming debut album 'Now And Then' (due 20 May), which was recorded between Airlock Studios, and the studios of producer Kon Kersting (Tones And I, Mallrat, The Jungle Giants) and also that of band members Eliza Klatt and Kurt Skuse.

“Myself and Eliza wrote this song with Sarah Aarons and John Hill when we were in LA at the start of 2020," Kurt shares.

"We were sitting around John's studio talking with Sarah about how we both have had similar, bitter experiences within the music industry with certain people taking advantage of our benevolence.

"It was nice to be able to open up to someone who could also relate to that situation, which made the whole writing process feel really natural and organic.

"It's a collective favourite for us on the album and it really shaped the rest of the record thematically and sonically."

Given they're basically living on the road for the next little bit, Eliza, Ruby, Tex and Kurt share their ultimate travel-touring essentials.


I think an essential for me is my Nintendo Switch. I think having downtime is really important when you're really busy on tour, and I love being able to chill and play 'Animal Crossing' for a few hours on the plane or in the green room before the show.


For me it's an Apple Lightning to headphones adapter. There was a point where I was always losing these or leaving them at home, so I was constantly buying them at airports and fuel stations because there was no way I could get through a flight or road trip without headphones.


My travel essential is similar to Tex, but I can't go anywhere without my AirPods or some sort of noise-cancelling headphones. I like to listen to music and podcasts on planes, road trips and when I go to bed.

The noise cancelling feature also comes in handy if and when you're bunking with potential bunk buddies who snore ;)


My computer and interface is something I don't like to travel without – especially if we're going away for longer periods of time.

Wherever we are I like to be set up for myself and Eliza to demo new ideas and to always feel like I'm able to do that if I want to; even if I'm not using it it feels good to know I have it there if an idea comes to mind.

Eliza & The Delusionals 2022 Tour Dates

Fri 25 Mar - UniBar (Wollongong)* supporting The Vanns
Fri 1 Apr - Kambri @ ANU (Canberra)* supporting The Vanns
Sat 9 Apr - The Leadbeater (Melbourne)
Sun 17 Apr - The Brightside (Brisbane)
Fri 22 Apr - The OAF Gallery (Sydney)* early show
Fri 22 Apr - The OAF Gallery (Sydney)* late show (SOLD OUT)
Sat 23 Apr - La La La's (Wollongong)
Sun 24 Apr - Huxley's (Sydney)

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