Elements Festival 2021 Line-up

Elements Festival takes place at Landcruiser Park (Sunshine Coast) 14-17 October. Elements Festival takes place at Landcruiser Park (Sunshine Coast) 14-17 October. Image © Spygel
Update - 1 September, 2021: Event organisers have revealed that the 2021 festival dates will be pushed back to 16-19 December. 'This postponement is a necessary step to ensure the safety of all attendees and to give our friends in other states every chance of being able to join us for this year's festival.'

As they navigate the minefield that is COVID, Elements Festival organisers are pressing on with their 2021 event (their fifth anniversary) that is set for four days of music, arts, markets and workshops 16-19 December.

"From its inception, Elements was designed to be a sanctuary, tucked away from the pressures of everyday life in a world that radiates music," the festival says.

"Now more than ever, we need this time to feel the earth under our feet, the sun on our cheeks, and that beautiful feeling of belonging in a dance floor filled with like-minded souls."

2021 also marks a 'monumental leap forward' for Elements Festival as it takes over more space within its home at Landcruiser Park (Sunshine Coast) creating additional playgrounds to explore.

Alongside the usual music treats of house, techno, bass, brokenbeat, downtempo, progressive, psytrance, and a plethora of sneaky in-between genres, punters will be able to feast on larger-than-life dance floors, an art gallery dripping in creative inspiration, food to nourish bodies, workshops to nurture minds, and markets to satisfy treasure-hunting spirits.

"2020 was a crazy year for all of us, and 2021 is also proving quite a challenge but our #elemental tribe and community are resilient, and so we persevere in the face of adversity," the festival adds.

"It's precisely because of the difficulties we're all facing that we so desperately need community, time in nature, and that inexplicable power music has to drag us out of whatever slump we're in and transform the way we see the world.

"These are the beliefs that have driven the Elements team to do what few people thought possible."

This year's music line-up features a host of Elements alumni including Ryanosaurus, Zen Mechanics, Spoonbill, K+Lab, Mr Savona, Chamberlain, Antix, Doppel, and Moontide; not to mention a stack of local DJs and producers.

Given the volatile nature of snap lockdowns and border closures, Elements are working on back-up plans for their back-up plans in case things go pear-shaped once more in Queensland "including backup dates to cover us in the unlikely event that we need to postpone".

Tickets on sale.

Elements Festival takes place at Landcruiser Park (Sunshine Coast) 16-19 December.

Elements Festival 2021 Line-up

Anthony Pappa
Double Touch
Out Of Sorts
Fabio Leal
Farebi Jalebi
Zen Mechanics
Zone Tempest
Alix Perez
Mr Savaona
OM River
Spoonbill Chill
Temple Step

Plus a stack more (visit Elements website for the complete list)



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