EDM Artist Lockdown Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

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  • Monday, 02 September 2019 17:01
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Lockdown's newest single is titled 'Helpless'. Lockdown's newest single is titled 'Helpless'.

Lockdown is a self-taught EDM artist who, although still relatively new on the scene, has already racked up quite the rapport among industry superstars like Steve Aoki, Carnage, and Uberjak'd.

Recently releasing music on Hungry Koala Records, JAKD Records and Bourne Recordings, Lockdown has solidified his name in both the local and international EDM scenes.

Going from strength to strength, and seeing his following and concert bookings steadily increase over the past 12 months, Lockdown is not going to disappear anytime soon. “I've definitely got a lot of exposure in a very short amount of time,” he says.

“I'm still adjusting, everything has moved so quick that I'm yet to take a step back and have a look at everything I've done. . . so I'm still digging the bones, I'm still going real hard.”

On his track 'Plur Genocide', Lockdown collaborated with the aforementioned Carnage and the larger-than-life Steve Aoki.

It all started when Timmy Trumpet messaged Lockdown on Instagram, hinting that Carnage may have a project for him to work on. After exchanging creative visions and building a professional rapport with Carnage, 'Plur Genocide' began its inception.

Aoki wanted in on the track as soon as he heard some of the early demos, so he worked in his signature flavour post-production and 'Plur Genocide' became what you hear today, in all its pitched down, bass boosted, hardstyle glory.

Lockdown's latest release, 'Helpless' debuted at “#15 on the charts”, before the track steadily climbed its way up eventually reaching #1 on Beatport's electro house chart.

After creating predominately hardstyle music of late, Lockdown wanted to revisit his roots and go back to a more minimal, electro and techno sound with 'Helpless'. Keeping his finger on the pulse, Lockdown will continue to pursue more hardstyle dance music in the future. “That's the path I'm willing to take at the moment. . . [it's] the appeal of the main stage.”

Coming off the back of an Australian and Indian tour, Lockdown's next project will be a collaborative record with Australian EDM giant Uberjak'd. No release date as of yet, but Lockdown assures us the hive is already buzzing. “There's A LOT of vibe [sic] around it,” he laughs.

On working with Uberjak'd, Lockdown remarks how surreal an experience it was producing content alongside an artist he looked up to during his formative years. “It's absolutely insane. Looking up to someone and then turning into really good mates is just unreal.”

Second only to his impressive list of collaborators and ever-expanding fan base, the main thing that grabs your attention about Lockdown is his mask. Branding a creepy and contorted face, Lockdown's mask is hard to miss and impossible to forget.

Aside from aiding the producer's stage persona and presence, Lockdown's first started employing the mask as a kind of safety blanket in earlier stages of his career. “If people don't like it. . . then, they won't know who [I] am.”

As his successes began to collect, the mask became more of a statement against what can sometimes be a looks-driven industry. “You don't need to be somebody to be creative or be in the public eye, you don't have to have that popularity.”

'Helpless' is available now.


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