Earth Rot Are Going To Get Loud At Dead Of Winter Festival

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Friday, 29 June 2018 14:19
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Earth Rot have upcoming shows at Dead Of Winter (Brisbane) and Shredfest (Adelaide). Earth Rot have upcoming shows at Dead Of Winter (Brisbane) and Shredfest (Adelaide).

Perth metal band Earth Rot have a couple of festival appearances this winter; at Dead Of Winter in Brisbane and Adelaide's Shredfest.

The band formed in 2014, shortly followed by the release of their first album 'Follow The Black Smoke'. Earth Rot's second and latest album, 'Renascentia', came out in early 2017.

The band is excited about their upcoming festival performances, with Brisbane one of their favourite places to play. “Brisbane is probably one of the better cities for us touring Australia,” Earth Rot vocalist and bassist, Jared Bridgeman says.

"The show has got to be heavy and it's got to be loud. Especially for people at Dead Of Winter."

“It's always been really strong. We have always had a really good following and rapport there.

“It will be our first time playing somewhere other than Crowbar [in Brisbane], which will be a little weird. It kind of feels like cheating on your missus a little. We put in a lot of hours there.”

Jared shares how the band managed to be added to the Shredfest and Dead Of Winter line-ups. “We were in Bunbury doing a show with Hidden Intent and we went out to the only nightclub in the city and spent a good few hours hanging out and drinking and the conversation went that way.

“[We were] asked what we were doing in Adelaide this year and we said there was nothing on the books so far. They said they had a show for us if we were keen and within a space of a week, it turned around and we joined [the] Shredfest [line-up].

“For Dead Of Winter, we were contacted directly. It was around the time we were in Alice Springs doing Blackened and someone reached out. They asked if we had anything booked for Brisbane and if we were interested in coming and doing this festival, which of course we were.

“Dead Of Winter, I'm really excited about playing because it's the only mixed bill festival that we are doing – probably for the year as well. We are really big fans of Clowns and Frenzal Rhomb, so I'm kind of hoping we don't have any clashing set times so we can go and watch them.”

Jared says the band will be performing a lot of songs from their newest album. “We are doing a lot stuff off the new album at the moment. We are playing probably half of our new album. With the album we put out last year, 'Renascentia', we have been adding onto that and phasing out some of the older stuff.

“I think we are doing mostly stuff off the new album for the next six months or so until we finish tracking our follow-up release and then we will start bringing in some of that.”

Jared says Earth Rot's shows are going to be a standout. “It's got to be heavy and it's got to be loud. Especially for people at Dead Of Winter where there's a huge range of different bands, you're going to notice the stage we are on.

“We have a lot of crowd response from supporting bands like Mayhem and Carcass – a lot of '90s metal fans. Having that early Swedish survival tone, we get a lot of younger kids that are growing up and discovering it for the first time.”

Earth Rot perform at Dead Of Winter Festival (Brisbane) 7 July and Shredfest at Edinburgh Castle Hotel (Adelaide) 11 August.


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