Dylan Wright Is Passing Through To Australian Music Week

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  • Saturday, 12 October 2019 16:23
Sydney musician Dylan Wright will showcase at 2019 Australian Music Week. Sydney musician Dylan Wright will showcase at 2019 Australian Music Week.

Sydney singer-songwriter Dylan Wright will release his brand new single, 'Passing Through', just in time for his showcase at Australian Music Week.

Explaining how the song came about, Dylan says that while it isn't necessarily political he was certainly inspired by current events at the time. “I started writing it when America was going through getting their new President and that firestorm,” Dylan says.

“I was writing about that and the fact we're all here and we can all get together, get through it all and pass through this mess. Everyone has their own opinions and music is good to bring people together, and forget about a lot of things too.”

'Passing Through' follows the release of his previous single 'All To Myself', which was written about his wife and is his first batch of new music since 2015 debut EP 'The Long Way Home'. “It's a growing stage,” Dylan says of the time in between releases.

“I lost my mum in 2015 and I was recording that EP when she passed away, so it was kind of a relief to get that out of the way and it's given me space to grow and try different avenues. It's nice to be back and I'm in a happy space. It's nice to be able to not hide things inside and get them out through music.”

Dylan showcases his new music when he performs as part of Australian Music Week, which luckily enough for Dylan takes place in his very own backyard of Cronulla. “I can walk to that, it's pretty nice,” he laughs.

“I have never come across anything like [AMW]; especially having it so close to home in the Cronulla-Sutherland Shire it gives more life to the community. We haven't had a whole lot going on in Sydney music-wise for the past few years.

“I know that it's getting lifted now with the lockout laws, but it feels really special to have something as our own and we can connect with other musicians and people in the industry. Having something so close to home is incredible.”

With 'Passing Through' out 1 November, the timing couldn't be better for Dylan's Australian Music Week appearances as he also prepares for more releases in 2020. “It's perfect timing actually, coming the week after [the single release],” he says of AMW.

“I'll have a band ready to go, so I'll be playing new music and a few songs from my last EP. I've usually been playing acoustically, so it will be awesome to have a band behind me and bring life to the songs.

“I'm really looking forward to just connecting with people because I've had a couple of years away from music and I want to be able to connect and talk to people. Just hang out really, and see awesome live local bands and bands from around the world and Australia.”

Australian Music Week (Sydney) takes place 6-10 November. 'Passing Through' single is released 1 November.


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