DVNA: BIGSOUND Hopeful Loves Salted Pretzel Chocolate And Electronic Music

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  • Thursday, 29 August 2019 10:34
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Gold Coast electronic music producer DVNA makes her BIGSOUND debut in Brisbane this September. Gold Coast electronic music producer DVNA makes her BIGSOUND debut in Brisbane this September.

Gold Coast electronic producer DVNA is a 'girl on the move' as she prepares to make her BIGSOUND debut as part of the official Gold Coast Showcase.

Starting off as a bedroom producer, DVNA introduced herself in 2018 with debut single 'Girl On The Move' and quickly caught the attention of tastemakers and listeners alike.

Self-taught and highly motivated, DVNA followed up with her recent single 'Looking Like A Snack' and brand-new release 'Sushi In Tokyo'. At the BIGSOUND Gold Coast showcase, DVNA joins a select group of artists handpicked to represent the immense talent of the GC region.

What's been happening for DVNA so far this year?
This year has been an absolute winner. A lot of playing, collaborating, and meeting new people. I’m connecting on deeper levels with my audience, my team and myself musically. I’m supporting some of my favourite artists and have had my beautiful home city support me all the way.

How and why did you start making music?
Why? Because I simply love to do it. I am a little obsessed actually. How? YouTube tutorials, patience, persistence, some crazy, talented mentors and training my ear.

How are you preparing for the Gold Coast showcase at BIGSOUND?
Magnesium vitamins and rescue remedy. Only joking... But not really. My band comes over on Sundays. We’re getting things tight. I’m swimming in the freezing cold ocean. Taking my father's advice on that one, he says it’ll give me an edge. And I’m keeping myself healthy, mentally and physically.

What are you hoping to get out of the experience?
In all honesty, I’m hoping to give an experience! We’ve only got half an hour to get to know each other so it’s important I connect and create a bond between myself and my audience in the little time we do have. I want to make sure everyone attending my showcase has a laugh, has a dance, lets loose and lets me take care of them. I’m not just representing myself as an artist but representing the future of the Gold Coast and Australian music, it’s got to be a damn good show!

Why should people at BIGSOUND come check out the GC showcase?
Because the GC is the secret underdog of Australian music. The lid has burst off of the talent bucket here and we are just soaring. About time too!

What does it mean to you to represent the Gold Coast creative talent on a platform like BIGSOUND?
It feels incredible. It’s quite overwhelming actually. From making music in my little GC bedroom to now representing the city in something as big as BIGSOUND is insane to me! I can’t thank everyone enough for giving me this opportunity and supporting me on so many levels.

Someone you'd like to collaborate with and the type of song you would make together?
The list is endless. I have so many dream collabs. Apart from artists that are trending in my genre, I’ve always wanted to know how I would go writing a song with Hayden James or Flume. Those big beautiful hit-making machines are so damn talented.

Your favourite snack?
It changes with the seasons. But right now, I’m loving salted pretzel chocolate. I could binge for days.

Any words of encouragement for other young women wanting to make music?
You can do anything you want to do. Literally anything. The only limitations are ones you’ve set in your own head. Put in the hours, do the work, learn something from every situation and encourage others to thrive around you.

When can we expect an EP or album from you?
EP early next year for sure! Looking forward to showing more of myself through these next releases.

DVNA plays BIGSOUND's Gold Coast Showcase at X Cargo, 5 September. DVNA also performs at POINT at The Events Centre (Caloundra) 30 August as part of Horizon Festival.


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