Doves Return With First Studio Album, 'The Universal Want', In 11 Years

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Doves new studio album is titled 'The Universal Want'. Doves new studio album is titled 'The Universal Want'.

It's been a minute or 11, but a decade-plus since releasing the epic 'Kingdom Of Rust' in 2009, British rockers Doves have enthralled their fans with the release of new studio album, the slow-burner 'The Universal Want'.

First hinted back in July, the Manchester three-piece first got back together in 2017 after a series of text messages lead to lunch, and lunch inevitably turned into an impromptu jam.

Soon the trio of Jimi Goodwin, Andy and Jez William fell back into their artistic formation and the basis of 'The Universal Want' was recorded in 2017.

The next three years have seen the group refine the songs further, with studios sessions in Greater Manchester, the Cotswolds and their own Frank Bough Sound III Studios in Cheshire.

The current single is the guitar-driven, future live favourite 'Broken Eyes'. "We nailed it amidst the enthusiasm of first playing together again," Andy Williams says.

"You can overthink and overcomplicate things, but sometimes need to step back and say 'that's the heart of the song, right there'."

"It's like a Ray Davies tune," adds Jimi Goodwin. "Our version of something from The Village Green Preservation Society, but the four-chord cycle also goes back to our beginnings and 'Catch The Sun'.

"It's a bittersweet song, connecting with the way we perceive people, but also ourselves and our anxieties."



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