DJ Bacon Gaining International Respect

  • Written by  Alex Corby
  • Tuesday, 18 October 2016 14:19
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Hip hop luminaries Ice T and Public Enemy have been hyping local hip hop head DJ Bacon by tweeting about his latest song ‘Fear Of An O.G’ - a mega-mash of Public Enemy and Ice T samples.

Ice T tweeted: 'Play this loud' and 'This is the hardest Ice T/PE mash up I've EVER heard'. Following his tweets, Ice T emailed DJ Bacon requesting the wav. file so Ice T could play the track during his ‘Art Of Rap’ tour, which he was headlining with Public Enemy in the United States at the time. “It’s lifting my profile overseas. I don't expect everything to change over night. I've been in the biz for 20 years and I know things don't change over night,” Scott says.

Scott spent six months working on ‘Fear Of An O.G’, a nine-minute track. More than 150 samples are borrowed from the original tracks to create this dense mixture of sound. “It feels like it has all been worthwhile. It took me so long, because I'm a perfectionist,” Scott says.

The recognition he has received is a dream come true. “It’s completely mindblowing, I had to ring my wife straight away and said you won’t believe what has happened?”

After 20 years of performing, Scott still works three to four gigs a week to make a living. “It pays the bills,” Scott says. But it's more than just paying the bills, for him it is the work he loves.

DJ Bacon plays Back To The Old School at The Rumpus Room (Brisbane), 29 October. For more about DJ Bacon click here.


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