Creating A Visual Feast With Dead Pixel

Dead Pixel to play Manifest on 26-th-28th September
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With the ‘wacked out visuals’ of Amp’l Beats and Jesswah ‘packing the fat beats’, Dead Pixel are a south east Queensland-based glitch-hop outfit who specialise in audiovisual shows.

Ahead of their date with Manifest (26th-28th Sep), Jesswah filed the following answers.

The new EP from Dead Pixel is 'Native Calls'; sonically, how does this release showcase the Dead Pixel sound?
This first EP is a bit of an experimental, electronic endeavour; just trying unconventional ideas. I have to say, I think there will be quite a bit of difference on our next EP; as DJs we are very eclectic in our music taste and hopefully our productions will reflect that.

The kookaburra features on the artwork as well as a sample of the title track... do you enjoy adding natural sounds to your music?

We really enjoy trying to use non-traditional elements in our production, mostly for our own entertainment. Although that sample in particular came from an old op-shop record full of Australian bird calls.

An hour spent with Dead Pixel... what can punters expect from your live show?
Expect high energy, live audiovisual show with two DJs, showcasing our favourite trippy, funny and just plain cool-to-watch videos over multiple screens, with the added bonus of a cheeky MC (Dyzlexic CM) hyping the crowd, as well as featuring on several tracks.

You're known for your customised visuals and live scratching ... how much inspiration do you draw from the likes of DJ Yoda as well as local legend Sampology?
Sampology is definitely a big influence; we have drawn inspiration from him — both his amazing technical ability as well as his great use of humour.

The visual side of Dead Pixel... are you influenced/ inspired by particular artists/ scenes?
In a relatively new scene, inspiration comes from artists like: Ego, The Funk Hunters, Pogo and Bobby C that are doing visuals to play out that complement the music. 

Your sound is rooted in the glitch-hop genre... what do you most enjoy about the genre?
We love the grooves of midtempo music along with the interesting bass design.  

The experience that you have each amassed... how has this assisted the development of the Dead Pixel sound/ brand?
The ability to bounce ideas off each other helps us to achieve better results. If one of us has an idea but not the knowledge to achieve the idea, the other can help with their skillset. 

This summer for Dead Pixel; do you have a concrete idea of what you want to achieve?
More festivals this coming year. Earth Frequency would be huge one for us, as we love that festival. [We’ll also] put on more of our Pixel8 parties around the country featuring some of our favourite acts. Also we have another EP in the works that we plan to finish.

You're playing Manifest in a couple of weeks... what are you planning for your show?
Alongside Club Sandwich from New Zealand, we will be projection mapping the the Forest Stage for the weekend, providing a platform for our set, as well as other awesome VJs to exhibit their talents. We will have our favourite MC, Dyzlexic CM, causing a ruckus on stage with us. I imagine our set will go from glitch-hop, to party breaks with some D&B and a bit of silliness in between. We are looking forward to playing a bit of original material as well as some new remixes we’ve done for other Brisbane acts such as Dubmarine and Ad’N’Kuts. 

Playing outdoor, country festivals like Manifest... do you like to camp out and enjoy the 'festival' experience completely?
We absolutely love it. Being in nature with epic music on big sound systems, surrounded by awesome people — there’s nothing like it!

What celebrity/ famous person would you love to be spokesperson of the  band…
Bill Murray, because well he’s Bill Murray.

Three people you'd like to invite around for a dinner party…
Opiuo because he is a legendary, nice dude and I would love to rack his brain about production. Joe Rogan because he is hysterical and such a cool dude. And Bill Murray, so we can talk about his new role in Dead Pixel.  

If we were coming over to your place, what would you cook us?
Fraser cooks a mean roast rack of lamb.

No matter the expense, send me a case of…
Half Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, half Mountain Goat Steam Ale.

The last time I saw the inside of a gym was…
Have been this year, can’t recall exactly when ;)

What's the one chore you dislike the most?
The washing, seems to take too long.

Dead Pixel join a massive line-up of electronic artists at Manifest, approximately two hours drive west of Brisbane, which takes places on 26th-28th September.

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