Company Behind Wanderlust Festival In Liquidation

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The company behind the Wanderlust festivals in Australia and New Zealand has been placed into liquidation.

And there is no calming the burgeoning group of creditors who claim they are owed tens of thousands of dollars.

scenestr has been contacted by local suppliers and small busnesses claiming they are owed from $300 to upwards of $27,000. With today’s appointment of liquidators the full amount outstanding is yet to be confirmed with more and more creditors expected to come forward.

The source said, “These debts have crippled the service providers and businesses with many under real threat of having to close their doors. Suppliers and staff have been left unpaid and what was supposed to assist tourism and business has potentially destroyed local providers.”

International and national headliners such as Toni Child and Arrested Development are also been reported to be out of pocket.

There is outrage at their claimed mistreatment from the festival directors, whom they say made “repeated excuses and false promises of payment” until mid-December when most communication ceased.

But what has outraged some creditors most is the directors’ lifestyle which included skiing holidays in the USA flaunted on social media just weeks before the collapse.

scenestr was unable to contact majority shareholder and director Jonathan Halstead by phone or e-mail. The phone number is now claimed to be a wrong number while Wanderlust USA has taken control of the e-mail account – the auto-responder of which confirms the liquidation of the Australian licencee, YEANZ (Yoga Events Australia and New Zealand Limited).

Wanderlust US are currently looking for new directors for the New Zealand Lake Taupo Wanderlust Festival scheduled for 8th March, stating in correspondence to creditors:

"YEANZ is an independent business entity, and it alone is legally responsible for any debts or obligations incurred by it.

"That said, we care very deeply about Wanderlust's reputation and therefore recognize a moral obligation to attempt to mitigate the impact of YEANZ's unfulfilled obligations. The best way for us to do that is to renew our commitment to the beautiful community of teachers, yogis and artists that has supported Wanderlust events in Australia and New Zealand since 2013. We at Wanderlust USA are already in the process of securing reputable event partners who have the skill and passion - and financing - to successfully produce the upcoming Wanderlust Festival in Great Lake Taupo and the Wanderlust 108 events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane."
Wanderlust USA.

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