Cheap Fakes Visit Deep Space On New Album

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Monday, 02 July 2018 16:17
Cheap Fakes new album is titled 'Deep Space' and will be released 4 July, 2018. Cheap Fakes new album is titled 'Deep Space' and will be released 4 July, 2018.

Cheap Fakes are set to release their new album, 'Deep Space', on Thursday (4 July) that will be followed by a Queensland tour which includes a trip south to Splendour In The Grass.

The Brisbane band initially came together in 2009 and have released three albums previously: 'Stones And Sticks' (2010), 'Hand Me Downs' (2012) and 'Modern Vintage' (2015). 'Deep Space' will be Cheap Fake's biggest release to date.

The new album was produced and recorded on the Gold Coast, in Love Street Studio, by the band's lead guitarist, Scotty French. “We are absolutely ecstatic [about the album's release],” Cheap Fake's frontman, Hayden Andrews says.

“It's been a long process with this one, just because we had the freedom to take as long as we wanted to record. We did it all ourselves and our guitarist produced it.

“We got to take our time on this one and make it really right. We are excited to see it as a finished product and get out on the road and tour it.” Hayden explains

'Deep Space' initially began to come together through the addition of new band members. “We had a couple of new guys in the band that were touring with us. It was going so well and the band was just so tight and we really wanted to get a release out with those guys on it, so they were contributing to the band.

“We decided to go straight to the studio and start recording. We didn't actually realise it was going to take this long, but we're not disappointed in how long it's taken or anything like that. We are just happy that it's finished now.

“Our last album, 'Modern Vintage', was all done in the same studio with the same sort of mic set-ups. A lot of the songs sort of sound similar,” Hayden says.

“With this one, we used different drum kits, two different studios, different set-ups and we would record in different rooms. It was a really organic process this time.”

Cheap Fakes will embark on their album tour until September (they still have southern state shows to announced), which includes performances at three festivals: Splendour, Bello Winter Festival and Caloundra Music Festival.

“I'm really looking forward to playing these new songs and seeing how they go live. We have played a few of them live, but we have been saving a lot of them for the tour.”

Hayden says he wants to take fans on a bit of a journey with the music this time around. “They can expect, for this tour, an intense set with lots of big moments that are really full and then a lot of breakdown moments.

“People are normally ready to party at our shows. It's always been upbeat and heavy sort of music. It's normally a good release for people to have a bit of a boogie and good time with their mates.”

'Deep Space' is released 4 July.

Cheap Fakes Tour Dates

Sat 7 Jul - Cairns Reef Beat
Sat 14 Jul - Bello Winter Festival (Northern Rivers)
Sat 21 Jul - Splendour In The Grass (Byron Bay)
Sat 28 Jul - Solbar (Sunshine Coast)
Sun 29 Jul - Mo's Desert Clubhouse (Gold Coast)
Sat 4 Aug - The Zoo (Brisbane)
Fri 14 Sep - Beach Hotel (Byron Bay)
Sat 29 Sep - Caloundra Music Festival (Sunshine Coast)


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