Brisbane Symphony Orchestra Team With Vera Blue & The Smith Street Band For 2 Special 'Strings Attached' Concerts

Vera Blue joins the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra for Strings Attached concert. Vera Blue joins the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra for Strings Attached concert.

The Brisbane Symphony Orchestra (BSO) have partnered with The Fortitude Music Hall for a series of live performances dubbed 'Strings Attached'.

The first concert (26 March) will feature the ethereal vocal talents of Australian singer-songwriter Vera Blue ('Rushing Back', 'Regular Touch') whose folk-tinged moody electronica is the perfect partner for the BSO and the grand acoustics of The Fortitude Music Hall.

"What an honour and privilege to support the wonderful voice of Vera Blue, with her songs of magic and charisma," BSO's Conductor Emeritus, Antoni Bonetti says.

The second 'Strings Attached' concert (22 May) will feature Melbourne punk rockers, The Smith Street Band – who are set to release their new album 'Unplugged In Wombat State Forest' that features ten songs from their back catalogue re-created as semi-acoustic, alt. country, punk numbers next month.

"Ever since I heard Smashing Pumpkins' orchestral rock classic 'Tonight, Tonight' I've always dreamt of getting the chance to play with a symphony orchestra," beams The Smith Street Band's Wil Wagner.

"The way the strings and horns blend with distorted guitars and yelled vocals is exciting and unique and very powerful. I can't wait to hear the timpanis double floor toms, the cellos under distorted bass and the wall of noise made by our guitars and the orchestra's strings. "These shows are gonna be very special, Brisbane we cannot wait."

This is an amazing opportunity for any music lover to sample the uniting of traditional and contemporary music on the one stage.

"As a musician, if it was our day, we would have jumped at the chance to play with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra," venue co-owner and ex-bassist of Powderfinger, John 'JC' Collins adds.

"From the venue's point of view, it's very exciting to see some music back in here. From the Federal Government, the support we've had has been very important and significant, and it means that it's going to be a long recovery for the industry.

"We're all very excited to come here to see some good contemporary artists play alongside the orchestra."

The 'Strings Attached' shows have been made possible with the support of the Federal Government's RISE Grant initiative.

Tickets to both shows go on sale 12 February from 9am. More information.

Strings Attached Brisbane Symphony Orchestra 2021 Tour Dates

Fri 26 Mar - The Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane) featuring Vera Blue
Sat 22 May - The Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane) featuring The Smith Street Band



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