Boy George Has Hung Up On A Brisbane Radio Host After An "Insulting" Comment

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Boy George was "insulted" by 4BC Breakfast's Neil Breen's introduction. Boy George was "insulted" by 4BC Breakfast's Neil Breen's introduction.

Pop icon Boy George has hung up mid interview with 4BC Breakfast's Neil Breen this morning, after being "insulted" by the host's introduction.

Boy George took exception when Neil laboured over Boy's early years, particularly with his first band Culture Club who dominated the Australian singles chart in the early '80s with such hits like 'Karma Chameleon'.

"That's a terrible comment about my music; that's about 10 records you've missed. . . please don't talk about me as if I'm a living pop-culture reference. It really is quite insulting."

The English singer-songwriter, DJ and fashion designer, whose career started in the late '70s, has been part of 'The Voice' series the past four years and is the reigning winning coach from the previous season.

"Reintroducing someone whose been on national TV in Australia the past four years; you don't need to reintroduce me."

Moments later, with Breen clarifying he was just "trying to have a bit of fun", the line went silent.

Boy George has sold 100 million singles and 50 million albums worldwide throughout his career.

To hear the complete train wreck, the interview begins at the 0:30 mark.



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