Bootleg Rascal Are Ready To Rock At Stone & Wood's Backyard Party

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Dub rockers Bootleg Rascal are in the process of completing their sophomore album, a record that sees them harness the lush soundscapes of '80s synthtronica.

Straying from the traditional reggae and dub vibes that has been at the core of their music since they started in 2013, Bootleg Rascal have started drawing more on the glitzy synth sounds and drum pads synonymous with '80s acts such as Happy Mondays, David Bowie and Peter Gabriel. “I've really enjoyed the recording process of the album,” vocalist Carlos Lara says.

“Jack [Gray] the drummer, I'd say he is one of the main writers, he does the majority of it. He has a work ethic to just sit at home all day, all night, all week and just write and write; I think I lost my mind a bit and I can't do that.

“Jack's written a lot of the songs, I've written a couple and Jim has as well, and it's hugely influenced by the '80s. We love the Gorillaz and Massive Attack, all of us are huge hip hop lovers so there's a lot of electronic drum sounds and cool synths we've been f@#$ing around with.”

Bootleg Rascal released their debut album 'Asleep In The Machine' in 2016, establishing them as a notably progressive dub act and helping them develop a strong and loyal fan following.
With the popularity 'Asleep In The Machine' achieved for the band, Carlos says their follow-up album brings together a different sound that long-time fans may not be familiar with. “It's always difficult with releasing, especially your second album,” he says.

“People have expectations and there are expectations that have been made from the first one if it had a specific sound. I think that's always half the battle: do you keep moving or write things that sound like what [fans] want to hear?

“I think we're definitely down the track of really enjoying writing, experimenting and doing different things. Whenever people ask me what genre we are I say 'white-ghetto-dub reggae', which doesn't narrow it down at all,” he laughs, “if anything it makes people more confused, but I kind of like that.”

Bootleg Rascal will make a special trip to Brisbane for the Stone & Wood Backyard BBQ as part of the fifth annual Brewsvegas event. For Carlos, it's a big highlight on his calendar. “We love going up to Brisbane especially,” he says.

“If anything, I think Brisbane has always been one of our strongest cities to be honest. In terms of shows, I can definitely speak for anyone [in the band] and say one of our craziest shows was playing in Brisbane the last time we were there... I'll tell you what, that was one of the craziest shows I've ever played.

“We have this contingent of footy boys that come to every one of our Brisbane shows and they're always there, they always end up at the front with their shirts off and getting way too rowdy but it's great. Everyone gets into it and it's all safe fun.

“Brisbane always goes off for us, so I absolutely love getting to come up to Brisbane and getting to play a cool little festival like the Stone & Wood event is really exciting.”

Bootleg Rascal perform at Stone & Wood's Backyard Party at The Old Museum (Brisbane) 17 March.

Update: 14 March, 2018 - Bootleg Rascal join Lime Cordiale as part of The Squeeze mini-festival tour in May.

The Squeeze Mini-Festival Tour Dates

Sat 5 May - The Corner Hotel (Melbourne, 18+)
Sun 6 May - The Evelyn (Melbourne, U18)
Sun 13 May - The Metro Theatre (Sydney)
Sun 27 May - The Triffid (Brisbane)

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