Blowhard's Brentyn 'Rollo' Rollason Has Died

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Brentyn 'Rollo' Rollason of Blowhard Brentyn 'Rollo' Rollason of Blowhard © Tracie Tee

The Brisbane and wider punk music scene is in shock today following the overnight death of much-loved Blowhard identity Brentyn Rollason.

The band announced news of the tragic and premature loss on social media in the early hours of this morning. Last night Rollason suffered a heart attack just before a scheduled Blowhard performance at The Brightside (Brisbane).

Carolyn Bedford, promoter of Dead Of Winter said, "Brisbane will not be the same without Brentyn Rollason. He was larger than life and had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. He was always fun and over the top, the life of the party and a driving force behind the Brisbane music scene for decades.

"The first time I saw Rollo perform, he walked on stage wearing nothing but Glad Wrap and thinking it was the most punk thing I had ever seen. Rollo brought this showmanship to every show he did."

It's understood Dead Of Winter festival was about to announce Blowhard in their upcoming third announcement back-to-back for last year's appearance at the same event.

Graham Ashton, head of Footstomp Music said, "Rollo led the way for many of us to dedicate our lives to music. From the moment I saw Bad Ronald I knew I wanted to start a band. From the moment I head about Splurt Records I knew I wanted to start a label.

"Thank you Brentyn Rollason for always giving my bands the opportunity to share the stage with yours. I feel so blessed that I got to do it again only months ago for one last time.
RIP mate. You are an inspiration."

Memorials are being planned on the band's Facebook Page.

PHOTO GALLERY: Rollason and Co. rocking The New Globe Theatre as part of Punkfest two years ago this month.

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