Bloom Crafts Personable Moments Onstage That Resonate With Audiences

Bloom is an Australian pop singer-songwriter. Bloom is an Australian pop singer-songwriter.

A seasoned performer who generously engages with her audience, Bloom is a pop singer-songwriter who has crafted a career singing not only songbook shows but her own original compositions.

Her newest release is the empowering 'Choices', a song about the importance of self-worth and making choices devoid of fear or other's expectations.

"It's crucial we take a minute to gather our thoughts," Bloom says. "With clarity you make better choices."

It is yet another example of Bloom's back catalogue that has seen her performances described as 'stunning', 'mesmerising' and 'captivating'.

Your newest single is 'Choices'; lyrically what territory does the song explore and what was the driving force behind the song coming to life?
I wrote these lyrics pretty quickly, it is almost like you are channeling in some way, so I can't explain exactly where they come from but I suppose, subconsciously, it has festered over the past couple of years.

During COVID, touring completely stopped for me, I felt like everything I had worked so hard to build up as an independent artist was taken away over night, all that momentum, gone. So I was questioning do I just give up?

'Choices' is about not giving up, instead giving yourself space to reflect and find your own power again, especially in those moments where you feel like you're not in control of what is unravelling around you.

You released 'Choices' a month ago; what has the response been like so far?
Really great; the streams are increasing everyday, people are messaging me with the most beautiful stories of how this song has helped them just at the right time, and community radio has been super supportive around the country – they are loving the track.

We also just started playing it live and it really has an amazing uplifting energy on stage, it's pretty special. People leave saying it is their favourite song of the set.

The song was co-produced and written with Kalin Ignatov-Velev; how did that collaboration come about; and what did Kalin bring to the song?
Kalin wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics. I had heard some of his creations and when I heard this one I reached out and after a few minor tweaks, 'Choices' was born.

You've just started a tour in WA (Perth and regional areas) that will return east for dates in QLD, VIC, NSW, Adelaide and Hobart; how were the first few shows and is it good to be back on the road performing connecting with other humans?
So good! Performing live is my favourite part of what I do.

As an independent artist, you wear a lot of hats. Most days you are driving your business behind a computer, sorting out logistics and all the social media/ admin stuff. So when I finally get on the road with my band, that is my happy place. Meet and greets are also my favourite – love meeting people after the shows.

How important is it personally to make sure you visit the regional centres, to offer those isolated communities a night away from everyday life?
Super important! I hope to always be able to travel to regional areas – the audience is always so appreciative. They are some of my favourite memories on the road.

You've also raised $23,000-plus while touring for Shake It Australia (who promote and fund Parkinson's disease research); how did you become involved with that organisation and does the charity work offer another bridge to connect with people and listeners of your music?
Becoming an ambassador for Shake It Up came about because I wanted to bring deeper meaning to our tours.

When we started celebrating the music of Linda Ronstadt (who can no longer sing due to her Parkinson's) I thought it would be nice to raise funds for Australians with Parkinson's. I've been blown away by people's generosity. At every show I do, someone comes up to tell me either they have Parkinson's or their family member has Parkinson's.

You've performed the Australian national anthem countless times at some prestigious sporting events; do you see that as a priceless opportunity to put yourself in front of a non-music audience to attract new fans?
I hadn't thought about it like that before.

For me, it's always a huge honour to sing our national anthem and when you do that on a world stage, in the lead up I am usually telling myself not to freeze and forget the words haha. It's only 45 seconds, but there is a lot happening around you with a full stadium of people and cameras, and just knowing it is broadcast around the world, that is one time you don't want to get the words wrong.

Some artists who perform a national anthem put their own take on the song; for 'Advance Australia Fair' do you add any of your own personal touches?
Not really. I like to stay true to the song so everyone can sing-along. I do like to hold the note at the end, but nothing too fancy.

Additionally, what are the nerves like (compared to your own shows) when you're in front of tens of thousands of passionate sports fans?
I just keep thinking 'don't stuff it up!'. It is so electrifying sometimes I feel I can't contain all of the adrenaline, but it is super exciting.

Alongside your own originals, you have carved out a successful career performing songbook shows covering the likes of Adele, Winehouse, Stevie Nicks, Carole King among others – as a performer, do these shows bring you as much joy and creative happiness as your own originals?
Absolutely. I don't like to be 'boxed'. I hate the covers vs originals argument out there.

For me performing is performing, whether it is my song or someone else's. Plus, our shows are celebrations of the artists. I don't pretend to be them or sound like them.

I find cool live versions of their songs and we recreate that as a band; sure some of the songs are just as they are on the record – like 'Dreams' for example. Stevie Nicks wrote that and it was Fleetwood Mac's only #1 hit; you don't want to mess with that song, it is perfect just as it is.

But yes, I plan everything from the visuals to the band members to the versions that we do to the set list – it is all a creative process and that is why I feel our shows take the audience on a journey. It's not sitting and watching a bunch of songs being played, there is so much more.

You have shared your own story and struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome becoming an ambassador for Emerge Australia; how did that role come about and what message do you share about CFS?
Well, I was diagnosed 20 years ago and there wasn't much information out there back then. So it was a long, ten-year journey of finding out about CFS.

When I saw the great work that Emerge was doing, I felt I should share my story of 'hope' as my symptoms are much more mild now. I understand however, that isn't the case for some people.

This is why we need more funding and testing and help out there, so we can understand the illness better and help those that are literally bed bound. I was bed bound for a couple of months. I couldn't imagine being like that for years.

I still have my flare-ups and ongoing issues but I manage it; it does get tricky on the road sometimes and it is a work in progress.

What's next for Bloom in terms of releases?
I'm on the lookout for new collaborations. 'Choices' was my first ever 'positive' song. I do tend to write sad songs, so I can feel another one of those brewing, haha.

Bloom 2022 Tour Dates

Sat 4 Jun - Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (Mandurah)
Wed 8 Jun - Kelly Theatre (Ingham)
Thu 9 Jun - Innisfail Shire Hall (Innisfail)
Fri 10 Jun - World Theatre (Charters Towers)
Fri 17 Jun - Albany Entertainment Centre (WA)
Fri 24 Jun - Musicland Melbourne
Sun 26 Jun - Merchant Lane (Mornington)
Fri 15 Jul - Norwood Hotel (Adelaide)
Sat 16 Jul - Norwood Hotel (Adelaide)
Fri 5 Aug - Centro CBD (Wollongong)
Sat 6 Aug - Centro CBD (Wollongong)
Fri 12 Aug - The Royal Hotel (Brisbane)
Sat 13 Aug - City Golf Club (Toowoomba)
Sat 20 Aug - The J (Sunshine Coast)
Sun 21 Aug - Salt Bar (Northern Rivers)
Sun 4 Sep - Longley Hotel (Hobart)
Fri 4 Nov - Sydney Coliseum
Sat 10 Nov - Goulburn Workers Club (Goulburn)
Sun 11 Nov - Beer DeLuxe (Albury, NSW)



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