2013 Square Sounds Festival Full Line-up

The team behind popular chip tune events Blip Festival Australia and SoundBytes has announced the rest of the line-up for the first Square Sounds Festival.

With a total of 17 audio and 4 visual artists performing, the gathering of 8-bit inspired artists is set to run over two days on February 15 and 16 at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, Victoria.

This festival hosts a variety of artists from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australasia. “Some of these guys are very well known not only within the chipmusic scene, but by wider audiences too,” says one of the organisers, Kristy Dossor. Aussie based artists in the line up are Elliot, A_Art, and Pselodux.

Co-organiser Eugene Davoren-Britton says: "We've also brought back one of the standouts from last year - 7bit Hero - this time under their more widely known Hunz alias. We had people pick up the Hunz EP at the mercy table last year and be blown away by it so there should be some very happy fans."

He also mentions that there will be a "strong contingent coming from Japan again this year," which includes artists such as trash80, Cheapshot, Omodaka, Minikomi, Aliceffekt and m7jkenji.

Huf and Ralp will be playing in Australia for the first time at Square Sounds Festival. Aside from shows, festival-goers will get to participate in an open mic, DIY workshops and an after party co presented by net radio show Not Even, featuring DJ sets from well-known artists in the chipmusic scene.

Square Sounds Melbourne - Full line up

Friday 15 Feb
Cheapshot (JP/UK)
Doshy (DE)
Elliot (SYD)
huf (NZ)
minikomi (JP/AU)
pselodux (MEL)
ralp (SP)
starpause (US)

Saturday 16 Feb
A_Art (AU/NZ)
aliceffekt (CA)
cTrix (MEL)
Hunz (BNE)
Mr Spastic (IT/US)
Omodaka (JP)
Other Places (MEL)
Trash80 (US)

For more info, head to melbourne.squaresoundsfestival.com.

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