Birds Of Tokyo Adelaide Review @ The Gov

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  • Saturday, 14 September 2019 15:16
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Birds Of Tokyo played The Gov (Adelaide) 12 September, 2019. Birds Of Tokyo played The Gov (Adelaide) 12 September, 2019.

Thursday night (12 September) in Adelaide saw Birds Of Tokyo return for the first time in two years, to celebrate their new singles.

Lead singer and founder of the band, Ian Kenny, who originated from Karnivool, entered the perhaps slightly too small stage and exclaimed: “How you doing my friends, welcome to the f…ing show! What the f… Thursday night – this is mental!”

They boys opened with 2008 track ‘White Witch’ from their second album ‘Universes’ much to the delight of their older and most die-hard fans in the crowd. Before saying, “wow, it’s been a day since we played that one”.

‘Wayside’, which can be found on their 2007 debut album ‘Day One’, also made the cut; the guys spoiling us with an awesome rendition and making us think of a better time.

Although we probably aren’t that far off at the moment – the Aussies are winning the Ashes, Birds Of Tokyo are touring Australia, Kevin Rudd is back on the handball court, and a footy player has been involved in a drug scandal. Ah, the good ol’ days.

‘Anchor’, ‘Plans’, and ‘Lanterns’ were peppered through the set, much to the excitement of the younger members of the audience.

I strive to find a highlight in every show; some are easier than others. But last night there was no doubt that the best track of the night was ‘Brace’. The song had power and passion, lifting the energy level in the room to the rafters.

‘I’d Go With You Anywhere’ was very well received before the set closed with their February chart-topping single ‘Good Lord’.

They were not going to escape that easily though, especially not before playing their latest release and main inspiration for the tour, eventually returning to give us an additional two songs: fresh from the oven track ‘Greatest Mistakes’ and finally old favourite and party anthem ‘This Fire’.

If two sold-out shows in Adelaide isn’t a big enough sign already, let me just say thank you and we all love you Birds Of Tokyo.


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