Beyonce Is Ringleader Of Syncing Conspiracy

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Beyonce Knowles has been accused of orchestrating "the most sophisticated syncing program the industry has ever seen", following the revelation that she lip-synched her performance of the US national anthem at President Barack Obama's Inauguration.

"We don't know why Beyonce decided to use prerecorded music," a member of the Marine Corps Band told The Washingtonian. The whistleblower revealed that at the last minute, the band "received last-minute word that Beyonce wanted to use the recording".

Marine Corps Band director Michael J Colburn has revealed the band were also pressured into pretending to play their instruments. "She wasn't comfortable performing without a rehearsal, and I wasn't comfortable with that either," he said. "We always knew that was a possibility."

It's believed the show's other performers, including Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor, were also complicit in the culture of syncing, with each of them recording a "safety track" just in case (with some going so far as to claim that syncing is "just part of the job").

Knowles has been an inspiration to her fans since overcoming a battle with depression in the late '90s, but it is now believed she may have been syncing during her 2001, 2003 and 2005 tours with Destiny's Child (who Knowles also pressured into syncing).

Knowles has reportedly recorded an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which will air later this week, in which she confesses to syncing, but insists she didn't force other members of the group to do so, and claims she has been "clean" since the last Destiny's Child tour in 2005.

The singer has been known for her philanthropy throughout her career. She donates $100,000 annually to the Beyonce Cosmetology Center at Brooklyn's Phoenix House, which is now expected to ask her to stand down as chairwoman.

Despite her good deeds, the syncing controversy has allegedly forced Pepsi to consider asking Knowles to give back the $50 million they've paid her for endorsements.

Knowles' husband Jay-Z has kept silent so far, refusing to sell his tale to the press for the sake of the couple's child, Blu Ivy. During their interview, a tearful Knowles reportedly told Winfrey that she has asked Blu Ivy to "stop defending" her at daycare.

Since the syncing revelation, libraries across the US have moved a book written by Knowles' mother — Destiny's Style: Bootylicious Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Secrets From Destiny's Child — from non-fiction to fiction shelves.

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