Baker Boy Drops New Single 'Ride' With Yirrmal

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Baker Boy's newest single 'Ride' is a collaboration with Yirrmal. Baker Boy's newest single 'Ride' is a collaboration with Yirrmal.

The Fresh New Prince of Arnhem Land, Baker Boy has returned with an upbeat, party-licious new jam 'Ride' – a collaboration with his cousin Yirrmal.

A track that Baker Boy hopes brings people together to forget their worries (even just for a moment), he describes it as "a new and improved version" of his 2017 Yirrmal collab 'Marryuna' (#17 in that year's Hottest 100).

"I wanted to make a song that could bring people together on the dancefloor, no matter who they are or where they come from," Baker Boys says.

"I'm driven by the vision that I have of people coming together, visions of positivity and fun and telling stories that people can relate to.

"That's the main message – just bringing people together, no matter what your background, or how you dance, let's just get together and celebrate and I think that's powerful. We need more of that."

Adds Yirrmal (who wrote the catchy as-f chorus to 'Ride'): "I'm glad I got to collaborate with Baker Boy again and put that good Yolngu soul into 'Ride'.

"This song's about friends having fun, having good times every weekend. I wrote 'Ride''s chorus about my mob back here and when they want to go out.

"We see negative stuff around here, a lot of fighting, but with 'Ride' it's like 'come on, don't be shy, come to the town and let's dance. Let's be part of the team, think about the positive things and not the negative things.'"



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