B-Nasty Brings Perth Into The Wu-World Order

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  • Tuesday, 20 November 2018 15:32
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B-Nasty features on the 'Wu-Invasion' mixtape series. B-Nasty features on the 'Wu-Invasion' mixtape series.

Perth rapper and hip hop artist B-Nasty is repping for his home town with his inclusion on Wu-Tang's 'Wu-Invasion' mixtape series, hosted by GZA and mixed by DJ Symphony.

While some kids grow up dreaming of playing sport for their city or country, young B-Nasty aka Alex Barnes had a loftier vision. “One of my dreams going into rapping was actually to represent my city because I grew up here, I was born here and I'm probably going to die here,” Alex proudly says.

Seduced by hip hop after listening to Notorious B.I.G., Alex has developed a style and presence that brought him to the attention of perhaps the world's most well known and respected rap collective. “It's actually an amazing feeling, especially to have a conversation with [DJ] Symphony as well,” Alex says.

“It was pretty awesome because I submitted my stuff thinking it might get picked up it might not, but then I got the phone call and it was really cool to know Symphony was out there. He said GZA actually listened to the track – it blew my mind, it was crazy.”

Alex is a colleague of Australian hip hop DJ jaysnbrwn, who was recently named an official Culture Kings DJ, and together they've built their careers through their label, Dough Related Productions.

“What we did at the start, we did gig after gig and the hustling man, everything we could possibly do to make an impact and it really is all about growing – grow with your music, grow your brand and we just stay humble, keep moving and putting one foot in front of the other and take it to the next level,” he says.

“I've been listening to American hip hop since I was a kid and more so the Brooklyn, New York sound – that's really my vibe so I've been working on that as much as I can. I listen to my idols every day, and not [to] try to copy their styles but take notes from them and put it into my own [music].”

Alex released his debut album as B-Nasty entitled 'The End Of The Beginning' in 2016 and says that although his recent focus has been the Wu-Invasion mixtape and another collaboration with DJ Symphony, he has also been preparing his next EP 'New Era'.

“Lately really has been the Wu-Invasion mixtape series but DJ Symphony is actually doing an album, so that's going to be the next thing after the Wu-Invasion. He's said in a YouTube clip and on Instagram that he wants me on his album.

“So I've got a track I've been working on and I'm going to work with Symphony and push that one out. Other than that, pretty much just playing around with the EP 'New Era' and playing with the sounds. Hip hop is ever-evolving and I want to be true to myself as well as true to the trends, so I've got to find that niche again. A lot of thinking and planning out.”

'Wu-Invasion' mixtape series, featuring B-Nasty, is available now.



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