Australian Music Week Reveal 100+ Artists On 2017 Line-up

Australian Music Week

More than 100 artists spread across a swag of genres will descend on Sydney’s sunny Cronulla Beach for the 2017 Australian Music Week 1-3 November.

"It’s our third year and we’re proud to say that we’ve put together an amazing collection of Australia’s best emerging talent," event director Geoff Trio says, "across all genres and styles, and we’re really looking forward to having these artists showcase their talents this spring."

Among the artist additions are Crystal Cities, Diana Anaid, Eliza & The Delusionals, Hanlon Brothers, Karl S. Williams, Leanne Tennant, Mama Kin, Shaun Kirk and The Audreys.


As well as the live shows, Australian Music Week features conferencing, networking, live interviews, keynotes, songwriting collaborations and recording that all culminates in a free outdoor festival ‘HiFi Days’ in Cronulla Park, which will take place on Sunday 5 November.

Australian Music Week Artist Line-Up

Alice Skye

Andrea Kirwin and band

Andrew Swift

Andy Golledge

Anne Kirkpatrick

Appalachian Heaven String Band

Bad Pony




Creatures At Leisure


Crystal Cities

Dave Wells

Diana Anaid

Do Moon (Reunion)

Dog Trumpet


Dylan Menzie (Canada)

Dylan Wright

E for Echo

Elegant Shiva

Eliza & The Delusionals

Fanny Lumsden

Fred Smith

Freya Josephine Hollick

Fripps & Fripps


Georgia State Line

Greta Stanley

Gretta Ziller

Hana and Jessie-Lee

Hanlon Brothers

Harrison Storm

Hermitage Green

Hot Potato Band

Hunter Adams

I M U R (Canada)

Jackie Dee

Jake Howden

Joel Leffler

Jordan Kenny

Karl S. Williams

Kingston County

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Leanne Tennant

Letters to Lions

Liam Gerner

Lilly Among Clouds (Germany)

Lloyd Spiegel

Louise Burns (Canada)

Magpie Diaries

Mama Kin

Matt Ward

Melody Moko

Melody Pool

Milo Green

Minnie Marks

Monique Clare


Neil Murray

Not Good With Horses

Nothing Like You

Owen Campbell

Paddy McHugh

Paper Lions (Canada)


Rhythm Hunters

Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams

Sam Buckingham

Scenic Route to Alaska (Canada)

Shaun Kirk

Shred Kelly (Canada)

Small Town Romance


Terra Lightfoot (Canada)

The Ahern Brothers

The April Family

The Audreys

The Bean Project

The Dead Love

The Go Set

The Hundy Pers

The Kava Kings

The Knots

The Lovely Days

The Morrisons

The Nukes (NZ)

The Raglins

The Rucksaks

The Wildbloods

Tuppaware Party


Will Anderon

Wille and The Bandits (UK)

William Crighton


Yetti Calzone


Let's Socialise

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