Audible Edge Festival 2020 Line-up

Joee & I (Philippines) plays 2020 Audible Edge Festival. Joee & I (Philippines) plays 2020 Audible Edge Festival.

Audible Edge is an annual WA festival of grassroots sonic strangeness and returns in 2020 with its most eclectic and sprawling programme yet.

A deep dive into the nebulous world of exploratory sound, Audible Edge in 2020 features artists from Australia, South East Asia and Europe, including Joee & I (Philippines), Ignite (Sweden), Melbourne's Scott McConnachie and WeiZen Ho from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

The week-long programme boasts a series of concerts, theatre and dance performances, workshops, talks and installations throughout the city of Perth and surrounding areas. It also includes a regional tour of concerts and workshops taking place in the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.

Audible Edge was established in 2017 as an improvised music festival and this year transforms itself into a festival of 'sound' rather than 'music', stitching together a multi-genre, cross-platform exploration of diverse artistic practices and approaches.

On stage, basement black metal bleeds into experimental theatre and poetry, abstract hip hop flows over free jazz, terrifying surveillance tech is rendered as lush ambience, and titanic virtuosity collides with wilful amateurism and queer shamanism.

Audible Edge (Perth) takes place 30 March-1 April (regional) and 3-7 April (metro). Click here for more information.

Audible Edge Festival 2020 Line-up

Bolt Gun
Cossio/Jacobs/Lee feat. Nelson Mondlane
FILTH GODDESS feat. Casey Moir
Jasmine Guffond
Joe Lui & Tahlia Russell
Joee & I
Joshua Pether & WeiZen Ho
Lana Rothnie
Scott McConnachie
Simon Charles



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