As One Project Ends Brisbane's Fleur Fatale Is Flourishing In The Indie Rock, Dream Pop Space

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Fleur Fatale is an indie rock, dream pop band from Brisbane fronted by Jessica Elliott. Fleur Fatale is an indie rock, dream pop band from Brisbane fronted by Jessica Elliott.

After starting her music career under the Oh Bailey moniker, creating synth-pop styled original compositions, Brisbane indie musician Jessica Elliott has changed tack as her creative musings veer towards the indie rock, dream-pop realm.

Backed by her all-boy band – Thomas (guitar), Nelson (drums) and Logan (bass) – the direction of Jessica's new project, Fleur Fatale, is inspired by the likes of Beabadoobee, Lucy Dacus, Eliza And The Delusionals and Hatchie with romantic comedies and '90s TV shows major influences lyrically.

Recently releasing their debut single 'Cold Shoulder' – a song about meaningless arguments with mates and family that strain those relationships – Jessica has been busy writing a stack of new material for Fleur Fatale that includes a debut EP that's primed to be released later this year.

What motivated the change of artist name; and how does this new chapter showcase your current creative outlook/ output?
While I was performing under my previous project Oh Bailey, I had a bunch of songs that I felt fit under a different genre/ aesthetic. It felt really natural to change genre and move onto a new chapter with these songs.

I think the music I have ready to release reflects hard on my current creative outlook on life and feels more authentic.

Your current band; how did all the members come together and how is everyone vibing within the group?
Thomas (guitar) and Nelson (drums) I met when I was in high school and have known for ages. Logan, my bassist, I met at university. They're all fantastic musicians and we all get along great. They're pretty vital to Fleur Fatale and I'm lucky to have them.

Influences, inspirations – are there specific artists/ genres you are drawn to that impact the music of Fleur Fatale?
Yeah absolutely. There's quite a few artists I really draw inspiration from. Particularly Beabadoobee, Radiohead, The Cranberries, Hatchie and Phoebe Bridgers. I listen to these artists A LOT! I feel really drawn to nostalgic/ '90s/ shoegaze music at the moment as well.

Tell us about your new single 'Cold Shoulder'... lyrically what subject matter do you explore?
Sh.tty friends basically. The song explores the frustration of arguments with friends or family and how stubborn they can make you, especially when you think on the right side of the argument. The song also explores the short fuse of patience you can have before you decide to give up entirely.

Sonically, how did the song first come to life and did it evolve over many sessions and variations?
I wrote it very quickly. I was in my room with my guitar, recalling feeling enraged from receiving the silent treatment aka the cold shoulder during a fight.

It was also during the time I was just discovering Radiohead's album 'The Bends' and Ali Barter's fierce song 'January', which ends with a huge vocal peak. I heard Ali's song and knew I wanted to write something like that and the rest came easy. Then I took it to the boys and they helped me bring everything to life.

You'll be launching the new single with a show end of July; what do you and the band have planned for the performance?
We have a massive performance planned. I'm keen to make a strong entrance into the local music scene with this new project. I've got a lot of big songs that I think are gonna be explosive to play on stage. Think a lot of audience participation, loud but very pretty guitars and honest lyrics.

There's also work underway for an EP release (titled 'Fever Dream') later in the year; what can you share about that batch of songs?
All I can say is that there's seven songs, they're all honest and authentic subjects that feel really personal to me.

We've put almost a year of work into these songs. They took literal blood, sweat and tears to bring together. The EP explores subjects of COVID-19 heartbreak, bad friends, boring, repetitive small talk, nightmares and bad luck.

Touring life... as the country settles back into normal life do you have plans to get in a van and tour anywhere and everywhere?
Absolutely! We're hoping to expand our fan base to the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast then maybe next year we'll try heading interstate, wherever we can. Now that borders are open and gigging is back, we're not sitting still.

Twelve months from now, if you can project where Fleur Fatale will be what would the ultimate outcome be?
Heaps of touring, performing and writing. Our biggest goals are BIGSOUND and playing more festivals. We've also got so much music to release after the EP is out, which I'm stoked about. I've never had so many songs in the bank.

When music is not your focus, what else occupies your time?
I'm currently really loving thrifting secondhand clothing or taking photos of live bands. I started a freelance photography page and really enjoy taking photos of bands 'cause I get to see more live local acts. My instagram account is @fatalefilm.

Away from music, you love vintage fashion; how deep does that passion run?
Very deep. At one point I was thrifting almost every day of the week, which is excessive and my bank account reflected that haha. I find it so therapeutic and rewarding to partake in recycling and repurposing vintage clothes and items.

I find so much inspiration from my favourite TV show 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' which has incredible '90s/ early 2000s fashion. I'm currently donating a lot as well, in an effort to make all of my clothes either sustainably made or recycled.



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