Arts Martial: Promises Will Get You Nowhere Album Review

Arts Martial
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Western Australia’s Arts Martial play hardcore rock with stacks of melody, and generally do a pretty impressive job.

A favourite of the Perth live scene, this four-piece have been earning recognition (as well as Triple J airplay) lately for their catchy-as-hell singles ‘Running’ and ‘Rule The World’. Debut album Promises…, produced by Melbourne’s Tom Larkin (Calling All Cars, King Cannons) follows in a similar fashion.

Refreshingly intelligent lyrics, near flawless musical synchronicity and killer guitar riffs (not to mention the ballsy solo in ‘Outer Space’) make this a consistently engaging record.

Highlights include the somewhat menacing but nevertheless danceable ‘Brew Like Bitter’ and the bouncy, borderline dance-punk anthem ‘Super National’.

3.5 stars

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