Appetite For Acoustic Lands At The Gov With The Best Guns N' Roses Classics Unplugged

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The Red Skull The Red Skull

Adelaidians, it's time to welcome yourself back to the jungle that is live music when The Gov hosts The Red Skull for an epic day of Guns N' Roses and other hard-rock classics on 27 June.

"Anyone who knows The Red Skull knows that we love The Gov almost as much as we love cold beer and rock and roll," the band says.

"It's not only Australia's best live music venue, it's the place that allowed us to make the transition from front bar band to national touring act."

Click here to read our January 2020 Q&A with The Red Skull.

The band have teamed with The Gov to present their new show Appetite For Acoustic. "We're stoked to bring some of the best songs of the last 30 years. The clue's in the name, folks.

"This show features not only the best of Guns N' Roses, but also a selection of other rock classics performed in a more laid-back fashion.

"Expect anthems from Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and more, all given the unplugged treatment."

With The Gov adhering to social distancing rules and COVID-19 restrictions, The Red Skull will be performing a matinee show (1pm) as well as an evening concert (7.30pm). Click here for more information.



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