Another Melbourne Live Music Venue Has Closed Its Door: The Brunswick Hotel

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Melbourne's The Brunswick Hotel will "never re-open" its doors. Melbourne's The Brunswick Hotel will "never re-open" its doors. Image: Facebook

On the day that marks their 10th birthday, Melbourne live music venue The Brunswick Hotel has revealed they will "never re-open" their doors.

Closed since March last year, after a driver collided with a fire hydrant outside the venue causing extensive flooding, owners Richie, Frankie and Brodie have made the heartbreaking decision to close the venue due to "ongoing issues with the landlord and the mental and physical toll it has taken".

But with the support of the local community, the trio has moved on and have recently opened a dive bar, The Bergy Seltzer, just down the road in Brunswick. Jump aboard Tram 19 for your next adventure.

The Bergy SeltzerThe Bergy Seltzer - image: Facebook

To all of our loyal fans:

Today marks the 10th birthday of The Brunswick Hotel and while it’s usually a big milestone to celebrate, we’re devastated to confirm that since the famous flooding of March 2018 we will never re-open our doors.

Due to the ongoing issues with the landlord and the mental and physical toll it has taken, it truly breaks our heart to say goodbye.

We’ve been beyond proud and privileged to support Melbourne’s up and coming live music scene for as long and strong as we have.

To every band, artist, comedian, patron and staff member who has played a small or large role in our history, we THANK YOU. The Brunny would never have been what it was without the community that supports it.

We know we’ll never be able to recreate the magic of The Brunny, but the ongoing support from the community over the past year has re-ignited the 'hospitality fire' in us and we’ve opened a new venture called The Bergy Seltzer.

We’re just down the road at 68 Sydney Rd, Brunswick (2 doors down from the corner of Barkly St). So consider this your official invitation – come see us behind the bar.

RIP to The Brunswick Hotel but cheers to The Bergy Seltzer.

Richie, Frankie and Brodie


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