Andrew Ryan To Step Down From Mojos Bar

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Andrew Ryan in 2017 Andrew Ryan in 2017

Music industry entrepreneur Andrew Ryan is stepping down from operational duties at Fremantle venue, Mojos.

Ryan is the managing director and major shareholder of the high-profile live music venue which is a part of his wider Cool Perth Nights network.

Mojos issued a brief statement on Saturday which acknowledged Mr Ryan's "prior conduct has caused others to feel uncomfortable". The statement read:

"Mojo's Bar prides itself on being a safe and inclusive venue. Part of this is recognising flaws and acting on concerns.

In light of recent events Andrew will be ceasing all operational duties with Mojo's. He has acknowledged that prior conduct has caused others to feel uncomfortable. He is taking time to reflect and better himself. Mojo's will support him as he works through this.

Mojo's commitment to safety is absolute. We want you to know we hear you, and we encourage you to talk with us."

Mojo's Bar prides itself on being a safe and inclusive venue. Part of this is recognising flaws and acting on concerns....

Posted by Mojos Bar Fremantle on Friday, 2 April 2021

A spokesperson from the venue confirmed that stepping down from operational duties included Andrew Ryan not booking bands. No specific allegations were made in the statement or in the exhaustive social media commentary on the post. 

The venue's Facebook Page has been running hot with calls for a boycott of the business. Claims of "where there is smoke there is fire" and counter-claims of "due process" were prevalent on the threads and sub-threads that witnessed accusations of mob justice and offerings of legal commentary, in particular in relation to defamation.

Others were dismissive of the wording of the statement taking issue that the venue was supporting Mr Ryan at this time.

Some people were concerned that "cancel culture" would have consequences affecting many others including employees and performers at Mojos.

Last month, Mojo's won Most Popular Venue at the 2020 WAM Awards.

The only public allegation to surface appeared on Instagram, where an anonymous poster wrote @beneaththeglassceiling,

“I was standing in a circle talking to friends when a music promoter and venue owner assaulted me. I wasn't speaking to him, he ran his hand down my back, legs and then groped and completely violated me as he talked to others. I immediately left and later learned that he had also being invasive and inappropriate to my friend at the same party.”

Mr Ryan is yet to make a public statement.



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