Alleyway Acoustica: Discover A Hidden, Cosy Gem In The Adelaide CBD

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Diamond Skies play at Lindes Lane for Alleyway Acoustica. Diamond Skies play at Lindes Lane for Alleyway Acoustica.

By utilising Rundle Mall’s award-winning secret bar, Lindes Lane, Diamond Skies’ Lauren Koopowitz hopes to demonstrate there is quality entertainment to be found in Adelaide every night of the week, every day of the year; you just need to look for it.

Nestled in an alley-way adjoining the Adelaide CBD’s peak shopping strip, Rundle Mall, lies Lindes Lane, Australia’s best beer café/wine bar, as adjudged by the Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia in 2018.

The cosy outlet, which stocks a vast array of beverages made by independent Australian and international producers, has an intimate and homely feel; the hidden speakeasy lounge bar downstairs, The Barlow Room, even features a fire place.

For the former hospitality industry worker and co-vocalist of local folk-pop outfit, Diamond Skies, Lindes Lane is an ideal venue to attract city workers who might usually spend their winter Wednesday nights at home.

“Our whole plan is to lean into that cosy vibe and dress [Lindes Lane] up and make sure that everybody’s super cosy and comfortable there,” Lauren says.

“We really want to capture the crowd of young working professionals or any working professionals who are on their way home. If they’re walking through the mall and they see this music and want to find out what’s going on, why there’s fairy lights and umbrellas and decorations.

"We really want to capitalise on that because there’s so much to offer, both midweek and mid-Winter and it often gets buried under other things and I think this is a really good way to get people in that wouldn’t usually go out on a Wednesday to see live music.”

Lauren has curated a line-up of artists who create sounds that will soothe jangled hump-day nerves including Dean Forever, Erin Mo and Luka. “They’re all Adelaidian artists, and they’re all quite chilled out, laid-back music, but there are differences in sounds and genres.”

Lauren’s own band, Diamond Skies, will also feature, in trio format.

“Luke [Sly] and I are the core of the trio, although we do play in a six-piece as well and we all have very different styles of music, to be honest, but we all absolutely love our harmonies and there are commonalities, so we formed this cross-genre band that meets in the middle of all of our tastes.”

Alleyway Acoustica takes place at Lindes Lane (Adelaide) on 24 July from 5pm, as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.



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