A Month’s Worth Of Great Saturday Nights In One Evening At Punk Crawl

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  • Tuesday, 11 June 2019 14:41
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See and hear the best of Adelaide during Punk Crawl, as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds. See and hear the best of Adelaide during Punk Crawl, as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.

Modelled on a good old-fashioned pub crawl, Punk Crawl is a musical walking tour of Adelaide stopping in at some of the city’s iconic watering holes for a bevvy and to enjoy a live band.

“It involves going around to venues in Adelaide and watching a gig at each place, then moving on to the next one,” Punk Crawl organiser Hannah Louise says.

“It’s taking the focus away from the booze and more on the bands and the music. We'll have a couple of drinks and a good time, but it’s about the bands.”

Hannah runs her own music agency in Adelaide called The Sesh’n, which organises pub-based gigs using an experience-based philosophy.

“The Sesh'n was originally only focussed on the pub scene in Adelaide, but it's now branched out into my main focus: providing a unique experience of live music,” she says. “It’s not as reliant on what bands are playing or what venue it's in; it’s more the experience of it.”

While Punk Crawl will naturally showcase some of the local, emerging talent of which Adelaide has plenty to spare, its finale features a popular national act. “We'll be finishing off watching Kingswood,” Hannah says excitedly.

“When people buy a ticket they go into a draw and I’ll be picking out three people and they'll be hanging with Kingswood after the show. Young Henry's is also a sponsor, so there will be free Young Henry's at the venues for people.”

Don’t let the name put you off, Punk Crawl isn’t all mohawks and ripped jeans. “It is not just punk,” Hannah says. “I’ve called it Punk Crawl because I’m a punk fan personally and it sounded a bit like pub. With the venues I’m choosing there will be a variety of music at each one, it won’t be just one specific genre.”

Punk Crawl is essentially a month’s worth of great Saturday nights at the pub watching live music rolled into a single evening. “I think it’s for people who are genuine lovers of live music,” Hannah says.

“I want to keep the root of passion for music, not just people who want to have a piss-up, but the ones who actually love the band.

“In Adelaide, because it’s such a small music scene you’ve often got three of your favourite bands playing at different venues on the same night and it’s like choosing which one you want to go to. So this is for those people and people willing to try something new to support the

Punk Crawl takes place on 20 July in the West End (Adelaide), as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.



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