A Lyric 4 UR Thought: Creating A Positive Headspace

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  • Tuesday, 11 June 2019 14:30
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Homeward Bound (Jimblah and Georgia B) bring the positive vibes to A Lyric 4 UR Thought. Homeward Bound (Jimblah and Georgia B) bring the positive vibes to A Lyric 4 UR Thought.

Adelaide hip hop identity Jonathan Stier, who raps under the handle of Eskatology, brings the local scene a hip hop jam in support of mental health organisation Headspace.

“I wanted to put together a show that was set around urban music, soul and a little bit of funk, but also with the performers delivering a deeper message that can target the audience that maybe struggle around mental health or need to relate and get out of that mind space of anxiety and depression,” Jonathan explains.

“I’ve had my fair share of struggling with anxiety since a young age, so I wanted to give back and help out. From the door takings, 50 per cent of that will go to Headspace to help them reach more people, especially the younger generation, and educate them more about mental health awareness as well.”

At A Lyric 4 UR Thought, Jonathan presents a line-up of local, community-conscious artists he says demonstrate the wealth of talent Adelaide has to offer. “I’ve got a diverse line-up,” he says.

“Headlining, I’ve got Homeward Bound who is Jimblah… and Georgia B, and they’re releasing an album in May as well so it’s good timing with that happening. Jimblah has in the past talked a lot about Indigenous issues and struggles as well, so it’s good to have him involved.

“I’ve also got DyspOra who is an African MC who lives in Adelaide; he’s been doing a lot of amazing stuff lately and speaks out for his community. I’ve got Lenin Marrón from Local Revolution, which is a funk-soul band but he’ll be doing an acoustic set of emotional, heartfelt music.”

Jonathan is also a social worker and has seen first-hand how youth from all walks of life struggle with mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and the trauma of physical or sexual abuse.

“Most of them that come through are experiencing some sort of mental health issue and are seeking counselling or treatment, and there’s a lot that are still undiagnosed and still looking to move forward but haven’t found that right psychologist or counsellor; they’ve had a bad experience and don’t want to go back.”

At its core, A Lyric 4 UR Thought is a Headspace hip hop jam battling the stigma around mental health that also promotes local Adelaide talent.

“It will be good to show all these diverse artists from all around who have gathered for a night of urban music in Adelaide to ignite some good, positive vibes, to promote the city of Adelaide and the Umbrella Festival; to show Adelaide is alive and well with talented artists.”

A Lyric 4 UR Thought takes place at The Jade (Adelaide) on 12 July, as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.



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